Age Confusions

Okay guys..

I am 20 years old, and the people who know me say I act like I’m in my late twenties but look 17.. Unfortunately I do have the typical ‘baby face’ but then some people I don’t know that well, think I am 6 years older, because my boyfriend is 26 and they just assume we are the same age.

But what I can’t get my head around is.. Why do I keep getting mistaken for my sisters mum?

Okay so there is a 9 year gap between my sister and I. I was only 10 when she was born, from the age of 15-16 whenever I take her out, I seem to be thrown disapproving looks; and on several occasions I have had people say to me either ‘too many kids having kids these days’ or ‘wow you must have had really bad parents, if you’ve had a kid so young’


How can I look like her mother? I have such a baby face and am not in any way ‘mother like’ are these people delusional? How can they make this mistake?

The fact this has happened so many times really shocks me.

Me and my sister look nothing alike and it is physically impossible for me to get away with being her mum. What I fell pregnant at the age of 9? Come on people. 

Not many people believe I am older than I am because I look so young, so how people can keep making this mistake is beyond me.

Another thing that I find quite funny is that I can’t go out with my dad without people assuming we are a couple.

My dad is in his early fourties and we will meet up for a drink every other week, and I can guarantee that every time we go to a pub, someone will make the assumption we are a couple. For example we met up at a pub just last week, and a guy came over and asked if we would play pool with them as they wanted to play doubles. Without even thinking they guy just said ‘would you and your wife like to play with us’

Excuse me?! 

Me and my dad looked at each other, and burst out laughing. The element of shock went out the window a long time ago, because as I said, this has happened before. My dad then told the guy that in actual fact I was his daughter, and the guy had to pick his jaw up from the ground. He couldn’t believe it. He apologised over and over and said he just assumed we were a couple because we were on our own having a drink.

Holy moley!

I am beyond confused..


13 thoughts on “Age Confusions

  1. Andrew M Ferrell says:

    Isn’t society, and people in general, amazing in the way we prejudge people? Most of the time it is subconscious, in my opinion. They see a young woman with a child, and immediately think teenage mother. They see an older gentleman with a young woman and immediately think trophy wife/midlife crisis. Just crazy. Good to see that while confused, you are not too troubled by it.

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  2. Oloriel says:

    I dont think these things happen because of the way you look or dress or who you hang out with or where, it is about people finding it to be their right to assume and then proceed to shit out those assumptions through their mouth.
    The same thing was happening to me with my sister, she was 17 and I was like 6, and people were making the same comments to her if she would take me out to the park, some even would approach and downright scold her for having a child so young. The funny thing is that in all of these cases, none ever bothered to ask first, like “is that your daughter?”, no, they right away come up thinking what they say must be true.
    It is very annoying.
    I personaly have an opposite problem. When I am outside with my son, everyone assumes I am his babysiter or older sister.

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  3. courtjg says:

    People have mistaken my dad & I as a couple MULTIPLE times – and every time I just want to get sick – He’s over 50! – over half my age – gross. It’s funny though because I have the same problem as you – without makeup on – I barely look 18, when in fact, I am 23. Here’s a good story for you – for my 21st birthday my mom took me to a “good” makeup store (meaning like upscale) because she wanted me to learn how to put on makeup like an adult – instead of just throwing on mascara and calling it a day – I wanted to learn so that I would look grown -up and more my age, especially since I would be going out to bars more often after turning 21. So – my mom called this place on a sat. morning to see if someone would be there to show her daughter how to use and put on makeup – the lady said yes. So we arrive about an hour later – I go in first while my mom makes a call to my dad from the car. The lady greets me and I said that it was my mom who had called and asked for help for me – she said she couldn’t help me until my mom came in from the car – because I looked 16 and she needed my mom’s consent. I was like um…I’ll be 21 next week….such an awkward moment.

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