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Dead Sea Purifying Clay Face Mask Review

I recently went to Superdrug as usual.

I  literally go there every week now and spend loads of money on their products, as they are amazing!

I fancied treating my skin and getting a face mask to use one evening whilst relaxing.

I chose the Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask as it is designed for blemish prone skin, which I suffer with.

After a long and stressful day at work I decided that tonight would be face mask night, to help me relax and leave my skin feeling refreshed.

I massaged into my skin and left on for 10 minutes. I always find it difficult to avoid my lips and eyes, and can never apply it without getting it in my hair and all over my mouth, but never mind!

The mask smelt like lemon, and after washing it off, my skin felt moisturised and fresh and I kept looking in the mirror as my blemishes actually seemed to die down instantly and were much less visible!

This face mask was Superdrugs own and was an amazing 99p but to make it even better it was on a 3 for 2 offer so I also picked up two other gorgeous face masks!

I am such a fan of these masks as they smell absolutely amazing! And I can always see such a visible result straight after use. They also always leave my skin looking and feeling amazing for days after.

It is nice to use a product which actually lasts for a while longer, and gives you such great benefits.

Look out for these masks when your next in store or purchase my latest try – Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

Thanks Superdrug!

Find A Skin Care Treatment That Works For You

Morning all!

This is not a promotional post, I am just going to share my opinion on popular skin care products.

I count myself as a really unlucky person when it comes to my skin. Although I eat healthily and drink plenty of water, and stay away from alcohol and sugary goods, my skin is absolutely awful. I have always suffered with acne since the age of 12, and I have tried numerous medication and creams to get rid of it, with no change whatsoever.

Recently I visited a local beauty salon and had a microdermbrasial facial, specifically for acne prone skin, and it flattened my blemishes and spots, but this was only temporary. My skin was raw red afterwards and after a couple of days my skin was uneven and spotty again.

The beauty therapist who performed the treatment, recommended ‘Skin Accumax’ to me, and after seeing many before and after photos, I bought them straight away.

I was told to take 4 tablets a day until I see noticeable results, and I can then reduce the amount of tablets I take. In the shop it was £40 for 60 tablets, and by taking 4 a day, they obviously didn’t last long. 

After a week, I had already noticed results and found no new blemishes were appearing. 

Along with my healthy eating diet, my skin did seem to be improving, so when my tablets run out I shopped around online for the same product but for a hopefully cheaper price. 

To my luck I found a seller on eBay who sold these tablets for a much cheaper price of £46 for 120 tablets. 

Of course I bought them and am still taking them today.

If you suffer with acne, I would recommend trying this product, as it is starting to work for me and I can definitely see an improvement!

I have tried other products such as Witch, Garnier and Clearasil, but the only thing that helps me instantly is Tea Tree Oil.

Thank god for Superdrug who seem to always have a 3 for 2 offer on Tea Tree Oil products! 

I use their exfoliator, their blended oil, and their nose strips, and I must say, they are amazing!

They reduce the redness almost immediately and treat my spots wonderfully!

If bad skin is something that really gets you down, I would recommend trying out a variety of different products, because not everyone’s skin is the same and everyone will react differently. Find what works for you and even if there is a slight change, keep with it and hopefully you will see effects sooner rather than later!

Fancy A New Hair Colour For Just £1?

I despise paying out lots of money for things I need all the time.
Take hair dye for example. I had been dying my hair red for years, and it is only the past year I have reverted it back to dark brown. But still the colour fades and I end up with the red tint back. It seems impossible to get rid of.
I normally go to Superdrug or Boots and get a box of dye, which is usually around £7-11.
Dying my hair is something I have to do every 6 weeks or so and I always need two boxes as my hair is so thick.
So I am spending near enough £20 every 6 weeks on dying my hair, and that’s because I choose to save money and do it from home!
Now this isn’t a huge amount, but if your on a budget, you will always be looking for a cheaper alternative.

To get your hair coloured in a salon, will cost you £40+ and that’s without a wash and cut!
Spending this much every 6 weeks would end up costing you a fortune over the years!
I am always looking for ways to save money, and recently I was in my local Poundland, when I came across their hair dye selection.
Now I knew they offered a lot of hair products but I didn’t know they sold hair dye.
In all honesty they didn’t have a wide  selection. They had some bright colours such as pink and blue, and a small selection of brown and black.

To my luck the brown they offered was a dark shade and was the colour I was looking for!
So I picked up a couple of boxes and bought them.

I dyed my hair last night, and was quite wary it wouldn’t come out a nice colour, or it would leave my hair in an awful condition.
But to my surprise it couldn’t have worked better!

I am really happy with colour, and I managed to go from a faded brown/red to a beautiful dark brown for just £2! (for two boxes)

This is a must try!

hairdyebrown hair

Body Jewellery Shop Review

Good afternoon everyone.

I recently came across Body Jewellery Shop as I was in desperate need of new ear piercings. I absolutely love body piercings and actually have 8 piercings in my ears alone. I have always found if you go into a tattoo or piercing shop that their prices for jewellery are quite costly.

That’s when I came across Body Jewellery Shop. I went on there to look for a new pair of everyday earrings and also a tragus bar; and I found that they had a wonderful selection of earpiercing jewellery. There are so many to choose from, and they have such a wide selection, not to mention the really low and affordable prices!

I purchased a Jewelled Heart Pink pair of studs, and they are absolutely stunning. They can be worn as an everyday pair of earrings, or as evening wear as they are delicate and simply beautiful! These studs can be found here.


I also purchased a Smooth Jewel Steel Labret Purple Stud for my tragus, and it is subtle which is exactly what I was after, but its beautiful colour glistens and is perfect for every day. This stunning tragus bar can be found here.


I used to spend a lot of money on piercing jewellery, even if I didn’t like it that much, because I knew I had to have them. But since I have come across Body Jewellery Shop, I have found so many products that I love! And end up buying more than I intended to, due to the wide variety they have to offer, and their bargain prices!

I am always in need of new jewellery as I seem to be forever losing mine! And I think Body Jewellery Shop is the perfect place to look! Due to their wide variety and selection they have to offer, and for such amazing prices!

Check them out here today, and get the piercings you need for affordable, great prices!

My Fave January Beauty Products

With Christmas over and well out the way, I have enough gift sets and beauty products to last me all year! Not that I’m complaining of course. I have enough body butters, moisturisers and bath sets to open up my own shop! This gives me a perfect opportunity to try them all out and write reviews which I LOVE!

I have also been daring and bought some new products which I COULDN’T WAIT to try out.

1. I’ll start off with my new facial moisturiser. My skin is very dry, and I am always reaching for my moisturiser. Especially with this cold weather making it TEN times worse. I picked up this cute little tube of ‘Nivea Daily Essentials, Rich Moisturising Day Cream’ from… believe it or not, my local CO-OP!  This cream is specifically for dry and sensitive skin. And I have to say it works a treat! It was surprisingly cheap and didn’t cost more than a couple of pounds. For such a bargain I am extremely impressed! This moisturiser actually lasts all day, from when I put it on in the morning, to when I get home at night. It relieves my skin from its dryness, and leaves it feeling refreshed and glowing. This was definitely a good buy for me!

photo 1

2. Next is ‘Loreal Paris’ Matt & Messy, Shine Free Salt Spray’ this product is meant to give your hair a tousled look. My hair is naturally wavy so I thought using this product would add more body and waves to it. I was not wrong. It comes in a small bottle, and a strong spray. I only needed to squirt it a couple of times onto my hair to get the effect. I sprayed onto my roots and ruffled my hair, whilst twisting some bits of hair around my finger. And immediately my hair had that ‘just off the beach’ look. I was expecting my hair to feel greasy, and for it to be visible that there is product in it, but it didn’t leave a trace of texture or greasiness, which is BRILLIANT of course! This is definitely a must try!


3. I was bought a ‘Ted Baker London’ gift set which included a tiny bottle of perfume and a body wash. I don’t need to tell you how amazing they both smelled! I mean come on, it’s Ted Baker.. It’s going to be good.


4. Next up is MUA’s ‘Out There Plumping Lip Gloss’ in shade – buff. Man is this stuff good! You can feel your lips tingling the minute you put it on, and immediately your lips look fuller, glossier and simply irresistible. This is my number one daily lip gloss, and I am constantly wearing it. It lasts for hours, and the shade I chose is a nude colour with a hint of pink which makes your lips look kissable at all times! I plan to stock up on this lip gloss and always have it at reach!

photo 3

5. I am LOVING this shade of nail varnish from MUA’s range called ‘Red Rose’ its absolutely gorgeous! I have always been a fan of their products, and this nail varnish is on my daily beauty list!

photo 5

6. I decided to give Loreal Paris’ New Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Cream’ a go, as my hair is naturally wavy and is completely out of control unless throughly straightened and hair-sprayed; and this tamed my hair tremendously!

 photo 4

So these are my January beauty must haves! I am extremely pleased with these products!

Mario Kart – Wii Review

I have always been a fan of the Wii. It started off with Wii sports (mainly the bowling and boxing) and then I started playing on it daily.
From Wii Fit to Just Dance it was something I looked forward to doing after school or work.
I recently purchased Mario Kart as it had brilliant reviews and sounded like something I would enjoy. The game is aimed at children, but it suitable for all ages.
After starting the first race, I realised I had played it many times before over at a friends house; I just never realised what game it was.
The first time I played this game after I had bought it, before I knew it 3 hours had gone by. I got so into it and was completely addicted within that short space of time.
You can play on your own in the ‘Grand Prix’ to unlock other races, or you can play against friends just to compete and take part. This game is annoyingly good, as once you start playing you just can’t stop.

If you are playing with friends you could play on this game all night, determined to beat your opponent.
Especially as you know if you win at certain races you can unlock new cars, characters and races.
I have always been a game lover and have an addictive personality, meaning if I enjoy something new, it will become habit and part of my routine. 
With this game you need the Wii ‘wheel’ and you can just pop the Wii remote into the wheel, and there you go! You are behind the wheel of a racing car of your choice!
When driving through races you can pick up a box which enables you a temporary boost or something to make the other players fall behind.
For example you can get a ‘bullet’ which shoots you through the lap without you having to do anything, and bumps you up to a higher place (such as first or second) you can also get shells which you can throw at other players to trip them up; aswell as getting a mushroom which gives you a speed boost.

The whole game is about completing the race the fastest, whilst doing everything you can to avoid the tricks up the other players sleeves (and using your own tricks of course).

This game is highly addictive and so much fun! It’s good for kids and adults and I would definitely recommend it!

Everything 5pounds.com Review

Who says fashion needs to be expensive? A friend recommend a site to me, and to be honest I was a little wary. The site she recommended was everything5pounds.com. She told me she had bought from here several times before and was really happy with the products. I was still un-enthusiastic as how could shoes, bags, dresses and other items be just £5?!

So I checked out the website. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much. I was expecting a limited selection; but to my surprise they had a great range of dresses, knitwear, tops, bags, accessories and even shoes! I soon filled up my online basket, and had at least 20 items! I only viewed the site just to see what it was all about, but it didn’t take me long to know that I wanted these products. Normally when shopping online for new clothing that I don’t want to spend a great amount of money on, I look at H&M or New Look, as I know the sizes well and how the products fit; and I know they are not too expensive.

When I came to checkout it was only £3.95 for 1st class Royal Mail delivery, which surprised me as I thought delivery would be expensive to make up for the low cost of items.

Here are some photos of me in the dresses that I purchased.



IMG_1110 IMG_1142

Excuse the posing, I felt like a catalogue model for the day!

These are few of the many items that I bought from this site, and I have to say that I am extremely impressed. The items fitted perfectly, and I was impressed with the quality. It wasn’t bad at all. I had no idea you could have items such as these for just £5 with no catch! I will be telling all my friends about this site and spreading the word! Goodbye spending £25+ on a new dress or jumper! I will be checking out this website first to see if they have what I need and no doubt they will.

You have to check it out!

Loreal Nude Magique Foundation Review

My friend has been raving about this foundation for agesss. I never wear foundation unless I am going out for the night. And normally I only use a cheap one, such as MUA’s ‘Pro Base Foundation Kit’ but my friend insisted that I give Loreal’s one a try. So I did.
I bought this from Superdrug for around £10 and chose the shade ‘warm ivory’ as this suited my skin tone better.
I got home and immediately tried it. I was impressed by the appearance of the bottle, small but delicate and looked quite fancy.
I used a make up pad, and poured a little onto it.


I poured a bit too much by the looks of it!

I started by applying it on my cheeks, and I was shocked that it instantly blended in, and I couldn’t feel it at all!
I applied it to the rest of my face and I was impressed with how well and quickly it just seemed to match my skin. It was like I wasn’t wearing any! I didn’t need to go over any bits again, it was perfect first time. The most impressive thing about this foundation is that you really can’t feel it at all when it’s on.
It is incredibly light with a lovely soft smell, and it doesn’t have the heavy feeling you can get with other foundations; that reminds you that your wearing it and feels like your clogging up your pores.
This foundation really is ‘magic’ and I would recommend it, if you hate the feel of wearing foundation!
If you are thinking of changing foundations or trying out a new one then I would definitely recommend this!


Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade Review

Every now and then at work, if I’m too lazy to bring in lunch from home, I’ll pop down to the co op and get a meal deal.
(Sandwich, drink and snack for £3, not bad aye!)

Normally for the drink I’ll get a pink lemonade Lucozade or a coke, but I recently only wanted a small can of something so I thought I would give raspberry lemonade a try.
To be honest, it was the design of the can that stood out to me.
The can is pink, and is covered in fancy lettering, and two cartoon images of raspberries. This is really different to your average coke or 7up can, and the design alone grabbed my attention.
I picked it up and read that it was raspberry lemonade, which I have never had before. I rarely ever drink lemonade at all, but thought I would give it a try.
I was quite surprised at how much I liked it.
It’s raspberry flavour, is sweet and refreshing, and the good thing about this drink is that it is not too fizzy.

Overall I would rate this a 7/10. This product can be found in your local co-op. And is worth a try!