My Super Healthy Lunch 

Good afternoon all!

I am pleased to say I am sticking to my promise and am eating extremely healthy still!

Yes I know.. (Well done me!)

I have found that now I have cut out all the junk and sugar, I no longer crave it, and can enjoy a cheeky slice of cake or a glass of Malibu and coke occasionally without feeling too guilty about it!

So far today I have had:

A banana

A potato and egg salad with a dash of salad cream

A medium bowl of raspberries

2 litres of water

And for dinner I plan on having a chicken and vegetable stir fry.

I can tell this change of diet is having a good effect on me, because I now get excited about having these foods, and it has many benefits.

When I was eating 5 chocolate bars a day and a few cans of fizzy drink, with no water and no fruit or veg, I just did it without realising the effects it had on my body and my mind. 

Now I genuinely feel more refreshed and active. Also I have found my depression has lifted quite a lot! 

 I am proud to know I am making a big change in my life!


13 thoughts on “My Super Healthy Lunch 

  1. saadia peerzada says:

    Great work Lauren. Good luck for the future 🙂 I too have started to eat healthy, swapped out white rice, white bread, sugar, chocolate, potato chips and sodas and every other junk 😉 I used to have cheat days but now I don’t feel like eating junk .
    Best of luck , stay motivated. 🙂

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