Blog Awards

I started blogging in January 2014. I thought I would try it out as I know so many people are doing it. I have had many experiences I thought I could share with all you bloggers, and the feedback you get from it is amazing. I love being able to read other peoples posts and experiences and you can get so much inspiration from it.

I am honoured to have so far been nominated for 8 awards which are:

1. The Liebster Blog Award

2. The Beautiful Blogger Award

3. The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

4. The Sunshine Award

5. The Versatile Blogger Award

6. The One Lovely Blog Award

7. Sisterhood Of The World Of Bloggers

8. The Real Neat Blog Award

It is so nice to know that people are reading your posts and taking an interest. So thank you to all my fellow bloggers! I look forward to keeping in touch and up to date with you all! ☺️


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