Do You Know How Much Sugar You Are Consuming?

It recently occurred to me that some of the healthy things I have been eating and drinking, are actually a lot higher in sugar than I assumed. As you may know I have been on a complete healthy diet (no more sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks)

I try to drink 2 litres of water a day, and have some juice when I have exceeded my water limit.

I recently bought a mango Rubicon, as I really enjoy them and was shocked to see that it actually contained 42% of your daily sugar intake!

With all the fruit I had already had that morning and what I had for lunch and breakfast; I realised I was over my daily sugar intake, and I hadn’t even had dinner yet!

This is a good example to check how much sugar is in something before you have it, as I didn’t think it would contain that much sugar at all.

I understand if your about to drive for over 3 hours and have no way around it, so you have an energy drink or a coffee. That is completely understandable, as you do need that short term energy and it could be dangerous if you go without it. But if you exceed your daily sugar intake every day it’s not good for you, and your body will become reliant upon having this amount of sugar. It is also not good for the long term, as although it may give you a short boost, in the long run it will make you feel more and more tired and zap away at your energy. But exceeding your daily limits is so easy, as most people don’t check the content in what they are consuming. 

So what I would say is, if you are worried about exceeding your daily limits then check the content of what you are consuming and plan your meals properly.


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