Blog Post Ideas

Have you ever had trouble thinking of a new post to write?
You want to connect and share with your fellow bloggers and capture people’s attention, but what could you possibly blog about?

I have had this feeling before and here are 16 of the ideas I came up with:

1. Share your personal review on a new product you have tried. Be it a drink or a food that you have never tried before, a new make up item or hair product, or a new brand you have come across. Or have you just bought that amazing dress or pair of shoes you have wanted for ages? Snap a photo and post it on your blog with a review and where you bought it from. Share with others and leave them feeling inspired!

2. Do you regret doing anything in your life? Or do you regret not doing something? Think about this, and maybe by sharing your story you can reach out to others and make them question their own lives and give them the inspiration they need to make changes.

3. Have you ever looked back on your childhood or your teenage years and wish you could tell your younger self a thing or two?
For example, you may not have paid much attention in school and are paying for it now. Write yourself a letter to the past, of what you wish you had done, amend what changes you can.

4. What do you miss? Are you bored of working a full time job that doesn’t interest you in the slightest? Do you miss school? Friends that you have drifted apart from? Or a TV show that you loved? Share your missed treasures with others!

5. Are there any tips and useful hints that you have picked up on over the years? Such as a healthy diet, a good hair treatment, or things to keep your smile a shining white? People are always looking for cures and remedies for everyday problems. Me especially! Helps others out by sharing your wisdom! I’m sure people will greatly appreciate this and may recommend your posts to friends!

6. Have you had an interview that went horrifically wrong? Or an event that didn’t entirely go to plan? Is there something that seemed awful at the time but you can now look back on and laugh? Give people something to read, and I’m sure there are people out there who can relate to your experiences!

7. Write a diary entry or a letter to your future self. Include your goals and expectations and where you think you will be in 10 or so years to come. You can look back on this when the time comes and see if your life turned out the way you thought it would.

8. Is there a shop that you absolutely love and you buy pretty much everything from? Give them some love! Write a blog post expressing how much you love and appreciate this shop! Share some photos of you with your new items, such as you wearing a new top etc.. Email the company to let them know about your blog post and your recommendation, and who knows.. You may get a voucher or a freebie from them!

9. Write a ten or twenty something list. These have proven popular with me. For example you could write a list on ’20 things that happen as an early teen’ or ’10 thoughts you had when starting a new job’ these types of blog posts, get people’s attention because they can be easily related to. People of a similar age to you can come across it and think ‘this is so me!’ They will then share the link with their friends, and then your post will gain more and more views.

10. Think random! Write a post which is weird and wonderful, such as ‘if you could be any animal for a day, what animal would you be?’ Explain your answer in detail, and ask readers to comment what their answer would be. This will start up a discussion, and you can meet new bloggers!

11. Write a guide to post. I have previously written a post called ‘Your Simple Guide To Happiness’ this guide included things that you can do to help make you happier. These are things that I do often and have worked for me. Make your own guide. It could be from ‘A guide to getting through uni’ to ‘A guide to fulfilling your dream’ make it your own!

12. Is there a fellow blogger who you check out for inspiration? Or someone that you never miss an update from? Write a post saying why you like this persons style and link to their blog. This person may re-blog and link back to your site, and you can gain views from their followers.

13. Are you a master of applying the fiddly pests which are false eyelashes? Or can you put liquid eyeliner on perfectly first time? Well I can assure you I can do neither! Bit if you are lucky enough to be perfect at this, take a before and after photo explaining how you did it. People are always looking to master the art of make up; and are searching for quick tutorials on the web every day.

14. Or better yet! Why not make a vlog? I think that’s what it’s called.. Isn’t it?
Make a short video of your tutorial. Show how you put on your foundation evenly and make your skin look flawless. Believe me, this is what people want to see.

15. Come across a quote that really inspired you? I come across new quotes every day, and it’s only the rare few that I take in and fall in love with. My initial thoughts are then – what can I do with this quote? Add it to a photo? Print it out? Stick it on my wall? Share it on twitter? I just know I need to get it out there. Look for new quotes or if you come across a great one, then be creative with it!

16. Heard something funny recently that tickled you so much, you nearly laughed your pants off? Share the laughter. Explain how you came to hear something so funny, and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Think about things you search the web for, and how many posts come up with brilliant tips and advice.

Make your own posts, as there will always be many people out there that need your opinion. If people agree with you and your opinions, then they are more likely to come back again and view your latest posts, as they will take a liking to your style. Get your personality seen through the way you write and you are guaranteed returning bloggers!


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