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Hello all!

As you can see I haven’t posted in a long longggg time..

The past year has been pretty mad and I now have my head in the game to get back into blogging.

I am going to create a new blog on womens lifestyle and I would really appreciate if you guys could take the time to click the link below and vote on a new blog name for me…

Thank you so much in advance!!


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Body Jewellery Shop Review

Good afternoon everyone.

I recently came across Body Jewellery Shop as I was in desperate need of new ear piercings. I absolutely love body piercings and actually have 8 piercings in my ears alone. I have always found if you go into a tattoo or piercing shop that their prices for jewellery are quite costly.

That’s when I came across Body Jewellery Shop. I went on there to look for a new pair of everyday earrings and also a tragus bar; and I found that they had a wonderful selection of earpiercing jewellery. There are so many to choose from, and they have such a wide selection, not to mention the really low and affordable prices!

I purchased a Jewelled Heart Pink pair of studs, and they are absolutely stunning. They can be worn as an everyday pair of earrings, or as evening wear as they are delicate and simply beautiful! These studs can be found here.


I also purchased a Smooth Jewel Steel Labret Purple Stud for my tragus, and it is subtle which is exactly what I was after, but its beautiful colour glistens and is perfect for every day. This stunning tragus bar can be found here.


I used to spend a lot of money on piercing jewellery, even if I didn’t like it that much, because I knew I had to have them. But since I have come across Body Jewellery Shop, I have found so many products that I love! And end up buying more than I intended to, due to the wide variety they have to offer, and their bargain prices!

I am always in need of new jewellery as I seem to be forever losing mine! And I think Body Jewellery Shop is the perfect place to look! Due to their wide variety and selection they have to offer, and for such amazing prices!

Check them out here today, and get the piercings you need for affordable, great prices!

An Introduction To Motorcycle House

Good Morning!

I would like to introduce you to a fantastic company that I have just come across. Motorcycle House.

The wind rushing through your hair, your blood pumping with adrenaline, the tight grip on the handlebars and the sound of your bike roaring. Is that not what every boy has dreamed of?

Motorcycle House provides accessories and clothing for men and women bikers.
Not only do they have a website for the US, but also one for the UK.
Jackets, luggage, vests, saddlebags, and hardware being just some of the items they sell, they are becoming more and more popular.

They guarantee you the best price by matching any other verifiable price and also offer 24/7 customer service, including live chat! As well as free returns (with a free 45 day return policy) and fast shipping!

Men are naturally attracted to beauty and harmony. This means that if they own a motorcycle, they will be attracted to the best accessories for their vehicle. Men take pride in their vehicle, be it a car or motorcycle; and maintain its appearance to its absolute best.
By having the best accessories for your vehicle you add even more style and character that will turn heads wherever you go.

Most people would stereotype bikers with males. However the number of women bikers is constantly increasing, widening the range of accessory supplies to offer women as well as men.
Motorcycle House understands that riders, being men or women need accessories such as vests for a wide range of purposes.

Accessories are needed most importantly for safety and it is important that you get to know your vehicle and what you need for it to be a safe rider.

Bikers show uniqueness and style so why not check out Motorcycle House for the best for your vehicle!