14 Reasons You Absolutely Must Go Clothes Shopping

1. It’s on sale

Even though you already have a billion jumpers in every colour possible, this new jumper is on sale and is such a bargain, you’d be silly not to buy it! Right?!

2. It’s perfect for all seasons

This will look good in the summer and the winter! Due to it’s easy ability to go well with anything.

3. The price cut

At £60 you can understand why no one wants to buy that dress. But at 40% off, look at how amazing it is!

4. There’s an event coming up

Even though you have a gazillion outfits in your wardrobe, three quarters of which you have barely worn; you need a new outfit for the wedding/part or whatever it is you are attending.

5. I’ve wanted this forever

Well, since I have just seen it in the shop window..

6. I can wear it with everythingggg

It can be dressed up and down, and it can be worn smart or casual! It’s perfect!

7. I can always return it

It’s best for me to try it on at home with all my other clothes. Hell if I don’t like it, I can always take it back! Like that ever happens..

8. But I shouldn’t really be spending this much money.

Ah never mind, I’ll starve for the next week or cancel that night out. These shoes are so worth it!

9. I’ve had such a stressful week

I deserve to buy this, I need a major pick me up!

10. It’s payday

I have so much money. Who cares if I spend £200 in one shop? I have all the money in the world right now.

11. It’s not exactly the right size

Oh who cares? I’ll lose a couple of pounds so I can fit into it. Or if it’s too big, oversized is the new look right?

12. It will never get old

This piece is a classic, and will never go out of fashion. Therefore I must have it!

13. Didn’t Kim Kardashian wear something similar? I’m sure she did.

This outfit must be good..

14. I don’t have that colour

Yes I have 32 pairs heels, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have this colour, I must have them as it’s bound to go with that dress I have.. somewhere.


Find A Skin Care Treatment That Works For You

Morning all!

This is not a promotional post, I am just going to share my opinion on popular skin care products.

I count myself as a really unlucky person when it comes to my skin. Although I eat healthily and drink plenty of water, and stay away from alcohol and sugary goods, my skin is absolutely awful. I have always suffered with acne since the age of 12, and I have tried numerous medication and creams to get rid of it, with no change whatsoever.

Recently I visited a local beauty salon and had a microdermbrasial facial, specifically for acne prone skin, and it flattened my blemishes and spots, but this was only temporary. My skin was raw red afterwards and after a couple of days my skin was uneven and spotty again.

The beauty therapist who performed the treatment, recommended ‘Skin Accumax’ to me, and after seeing many before and after photos, I bought them straight away.

I was told to take 4 tablets a day until I see noticeable results, and I can then reduce the amount of tablets I take. In the shop it was £40 for 60 tablets, and by taking 4 a day, they obviously didn’t last long. 

After a week, I had already noticed results and found no new blemishes were appearing. 

Along with my healthy eating diet, my skin did seem to be improving, so when my tablets run out I shopped around online for the same product but for a hopefully cheaper price. 

To my luck I found a seller on eBay who sold these tablets for a much cheaper price of £46 for 120 tablets. 

Of course I bought them and am still taking them today.

If you suffer with acne, I would recommend trying this product, as it is starting to work for me and I can definitely see an improvement!

I have tried other products such as Witch, Garnier and Clearasil, but the only thing that helps me instantly is Tea Tree Oil.

Thank god for Superdrug who seem to always have a 3 for 2 offer on Tea Tree Oil products! 

I use their exfoliator, their blended oil, and their nose strips, and I must say, they are amazing!

They reduce the redness almost immediately and treat my spots wonderfully!

If bad skin is something that really gets you down, I would recommend trying out a variety of different products, because not everyone’s skin is the same and everyone will react differently. Find what works for you and even if there is a slight change, keep with it and hopefully you will see effects sooner rather than later!

20 Things Girls Say VS What They Actually Mean

We women are confusing creatures. We are not simple and can be annoyingly difficult.
It is hard for men to understand women an awful lot of the time, due to men not always being able to pick up hints that we think we are dropping. Sometimes we think that men should know what we are really thinking, even if that is the opposite to what we are saying.

For example if I say to my boyfriend ‘you can have that last slice of pizza’ what I really mean is – I really want that last slice, but I don’t want to seem greedy and I am trying to be nice, please say no and insist on me eating it. True story.
Sometimes it is easier for us to beat around the bush, rather than coming out and saying what we are actually thinking, as we worry about the reaction we will get and how we are portraying ourselves.
It’s silly isn’t it?

Here are some common things that we women say, and what we actually mean.

1. I’m not hungry at the moment.

I can’t think of what I fancy to eat, but if you start eating, I will want what your having and will soon join in and take your food, and don’t you dare moan about it.

2. I feel ugly today. 

Please reassure me and tell me that I look nice, I just need some comfort and sympathy.

3. You’ve forgotten when my birthday is?

You better be joking, or start running as I am about to kick your ass.

4. It’s fine.

It is most certainly not okay. We need to talk about this for a long period of time until you have apologised for whatever it is you have done and give me a damn good reason.

5. I don’t know why other girls don’t like me much.

I am a bit of a bitch, okay I admit it. But I just want to seem nice and a good person so you don’t think bad of me.

6. I forgive you.

Nope. Any time I make a mistake which is not as bad as this, I will be bringing this up to throw back in your face. This is not forgotten. Oh hell no. 

7. Do you think she’s pretty?

Even if she’s a goddamn supermodel, you better point out a flaw, and tell me she ‘isn’t your type’.

8. I’ll be ready in five minutes.

I just need to re-do my hair and make up, get my bag sorted, and look in the mirror another thousand times before I can leave the house, and then go running back in to make sure all appliances are turned off.

9. I’m not drinking tonight.

Well I can have one.. 5 drinks later and I’m toooo drunk.

10. I won’t tell anyone.

Well just my best friend of course, and anyone else who brings up a similar subject and I want to get involved. Oh and maybe my mum.

11. Being a girl sucks.

I am on my period, please make me feel comfortable, bring me chocolate and entertain me.

12. Do you think I’m too emotional?

Am I crazy? Please tell me? Am I insane? What do you think of me?

13. Am I over reacting?

I know I am, but please tell me your on my side and that you agree with me, so I don’t feel like I’m a lunatic.

14. I have nothing to wear.

My wardrobe is so full of clothes, I don’t know where to start. I need something new so I don’t have to dig through everything I own.

15. I woke up like this.

I spent ages getting ready. You must believe that this is my ‘natural’ look.

16. It’s up to you.

Careful. This is a test. In actual fact it is not up to you, and the next few words you utter, better be well thought out before answering. You must answer so it looks like it is your decision, but think very carefully about how she would answer, if it was her choice. You must answer as if it her that makes the decision, but the words need to come from your mouth. This will make you look caring and considerate, and also like you have the same interests.

17. I’ll just pop in, I won’t be a moment.

Cancel all your plans. If she’s not distracted by something then she will find a reason to drag the process out and end up spending half the day there. 

18. Have fun tonight.

Don’t you dare even look at another girl, let alone talk to her. I will find out.

19. Leave me alone.

Just go away for two minutes and let me calm down. Then come back, give me cuddles and tell me everything is going to be okay.

20. We need to talk.

You better think of everything you could have possibly done wrong, forgotten birthday? Anniversary? Whatever it is, it’s about to kick off. Rack your brains and be ready to be apologetic.

Ugh Women…

And there you have our secret.
This is the art of decoding what we really mean.
Use it wisely!

Why Is It So Difficult To Buy Gifts For Men?

This question has always been something that has puzzled me. Buying gifts for other women, I have no problem with. I will always find something. It’s not that women are easily pleased because let’s face it, we women like to have a moan now and then, and when we have something in mind, if it’s not spot on them we are disappointed; however hard we try not to show it. Men on the other hand, their minds work in a different way. If they need something new, they will immediately go out and get it. The thought of traipsing round a shopping mall just to browse and see what they ‘could’ need confuses them.

The majority of men will see a shopping trip as a chore and would think it is the worst possible thing they could be doing in that moment of time. Men are more practical in this sense, as they won’t go shopping for no reason, without what they actually need to get in their mind. Women can make shopping a social event. Meeting up with friends, browsing stores, stopping for a coffee or a bit of lunch, and then carrying on. It could be a whole day event and we wouldn’t have a problem with it. I am speaking here for the majority of women, I know everyone is different. 

Recently I went out to meet up with a friend for a coffee in my local shopping centre, and ended up coming home 4 hours later with 6 items of jewellery, a new pair of jeans, a jumper and a pair of shoes. I can’t explain how that happened.

The plan was to meet up briefly for a drink, but whilst walking through the centre, I just couldn’t help but pop into one or two shops. Especially when there are huge sale stickers in their window! If I didn’t go in, I would have missed out on huge savings right? Men do not get distracted as easily in this sense. They are more practical thinkers and will have the willpower to tell themselves that they do not need anything new. Their wardrobe typically consists of clothing for all seasons of the year, and they will re-wear items as often as they please. I know girls that can’t even wear the same dress twice! This is why our wardrobes consists of much larger amounts of clothing, as we get bored of what we have so insist on stocking up. Most men aren’t into fashion a great deal, and will just wear whatever fits them and is comfortable. This is why when we go shopping to buy a gift for a man in our lives, we struggle. What do they need? Everything he wants he has bought already.. They don’t always try new things, for example if we were to buy an item of clothing that is really in style they may then turn their nose, as they are not as into following the trends as women are. It is hard to know what to buy a man, whilst putting a lot of thought into it. So we tend to go for aftershave, a watch maybe? Or a new DVD. It just seems thoughtless, but we do try I promise!