Advice For Models

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share my post on advice for new models, or people thinking about getting into the modelling industry.

I have been modelling for a few months now and have taken on many paid commercial shoots, extras work and other assignments.

Believe me, being a model is no easy ride. It can involve working unsociable hours, working with people who aren’t the kindest, travelling quite far, and dealing with difficult people. And of course I have to make sure I always eat healthy and look after my body and skin!

Breaking into the modelling industry seems impossible for models who are just starting. You know that it is something you have dreamt of doing, but how do you get into it?

My tips for getting started are:

1. Find out what type of modelling you would like to do. Would you like to do fashion modelling? Catalogue? Or even TV and film? Choose something you are comfortable with as knowing what category you wish to do is a huge step.

2. Create a portfolio. It doesn’t have to be huge, it just needs to include a variety of images, showing you naturally without make up, as well as close up. It is also a good idea to include a black and white image, a photo of you in your own clothes and every day make up, showing your personality, and you in a style which is out of your comfort zone, such as a grunge style, or trying out a simple, elegant look.
It is always a good idea to make an appointment with a photographer and stylist, to get your images taken by a professional, and your hair and make up done professionally.
This will show the contrast of your look, and how you can adapt for various shoots. It is good to have a CD made of your photos so you can apply to jobs easily online, and also a paper portfolio, with your images printed and presented in a book so you can take to castings. Do not spend loads of money! Once you have a few images that are awesome, you can take part in TFP shoots (Time for print) which means you can meet up with photographers and get photos done, and they give you the photos for free, as long as they can use the images for their portfolio. This is a good idea for the beginning of your modelling career as it gives you experience and you don’t have to pay out.

3. If you want to go freelance, search for casting and booking platforms that you can join up too. Or if you want to be put forward for jobs without searching for them, then sign up to an agency.

4. Be yourself. It is completely normal to be nervous, but try and relax, and remember how much you want this. The camera will spot your fear a mile off, so take a deep breath and remember to breathe. When going to castings, enjoy it! Live for the moment and let the camera see how much you are enjoying yourself. This will go a long way.

5. Always tell someone where you are going, and don’t be afraid to ask the director if you can bring someone along with you.

I am still only just starting my modelling career, but I have already had many experiences good and bad, so wish you all the best, and remember to be safe!


Do You Know How Much Sugar You Are Consuming?

It recently occurred to me that some of the healthy things I have been eating and drinking, are actually a lot higher in sugar than I assumed. As you may know I have been on a complete healthy diet (no more sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks)

I try to drink 2 litres of water a day, and have some juice when I have exceeded my water limit.

I recently bought a mango Rubicon, as I really enjoy them and was shocked to see that it actually contained 42% of your daily sugar intake!

With all the fruit I had already had that morning and what I had for lunch and breakfast; I realised I was over my daily sugar intake, and I hadn’t even had dinner yet!

This is a good example to check how much sugar is in something before you have it, as I didn’t think it would contain that much sugar at all.

I understand if your about to drive for over 3 hours and have no way around it, so you have an energy drink or a coffee. That is completely understandable, as you do need that short term energy and it could be dangerous if you go without it. But if you exceed your daily sugar intake every day it’s not good for you, and your body will become reliant upon having this amount of sugar. It is also not good for the long term, as although it may give you a short boost, in the long run it will make you feel more and more tired and zap away at your energy. But exceeding your daily limits is so easy, as most people don’t check the content in what they are consuming. 

So what I would say is, if you are worried about exceeding your daily limits then check the content of what you are consuming and plan your meals properly.

Your Simple Guide To Happiness

We all struggle to feel good about ourselves from time to time, so I have come up with a list of things we can do to make things seem a bit more positive. It’s not all bad you know..

1. Boost your confidence.

The first week of the month, is always worrying as we set ourselves expectations for the month ahead, and it seems like a mission to get there. Instead of worrying about things to come, look at what you achieved last month, and the problems you have overcome. Be it a row with your boss that you managed to get over, something that has annoyed you that you managed to move on from, getting over a fear or worry that you had, or reaching a goal that has taken you a while to achieve. There is always something that you can be proud of.

2. Spend wisely. 

Yay! It’s payday! But before you do your usual, of spending it on all the latest clothes and accessories and blowing your wages within the first week. Do something good for you. Get a facial or a massage, treat yourself to a new hair cut or colour; or go out for a meal with friends and socialise. Surveys have shown that people who spend their money on socialising with friends or their partner, do not regret wasting that money, as they have got an experience out of it. Those who waste it all on clothes, look back at the end of the month and regret spending that money.

3. Plan a holiday.

We ALL need a break. Even if you just go away for a weekend, or spend one week away. It gives you a well deserved break, time to relax, and something to look forward to throughout the year. Search for cheap deals online, and you can get a real bargain!

4. Find some you time.

You don’t have to spend every night with your loved one. Set aside an evening here and there where you can do what you want to do. Download a fitness app, do some exercises, or download a meditation app where you will be at peace, and feel completely relaxed and positive after.

5. Post something positive.

The majority of us all have an Instagram or a Facebook account that we post on now and again. Instead of trying to grab attention by posting something negative, and waiting for the comments to roll in; post something nice. Something you are looking forward to, a photo or a quote that makes you happy. Just something to show your not all doom and gloom.

6. Get cosy.

It’s getting colder. Grab yourself a faux fur blanket, a thick fleecy dressing gown, or something made out of cashmere wool. Textures that are soft have been found to be emotionally comforting, so grab yourself a cup of tea, stock up and snuggle up!

7. Keep tidy. 

I know. It can be hard to find the time to keep your bedroom tidy. But making your bed every morning, bringing the cups down when you have finished with them, and picking up your socks from the middle of the floor, will save time when you get in from work, and you can just relax without wasting your evening picking up clutter. Having control of the little things in our lives, helps us to feel more in charge just generally.

8. Get shaking.

This is funner than you think! When we are stressed out, the neurones in our brain are messed up, but if you shake yourself about, it will trigger a relaxation response. So dance around to your favourite song! Bounce around, and shake your arms and legs! Trust me, it will bring a positive impact!

9. Give yourself some vitamins.

Lacking energy? Feel drained and tired? You are probably lacking in vitamins. Make an appointment with your doctor to find out what vitamins you are lacking in, and buy some tablets. It could be B12 you need, Vitamin C, or even Zinc. If you can’t get these vitamins from the food you eat, then it is important you are getting in some other way, such as taking these supplements.

10. Be kind to a stranger.

Is there someone standing on the bus or train because there are no seats left? Offer them yours! Are there homeless people that you walk past every day, without giving them a second look? Give them your spare change, or buy them a coffee! Most people will really appreciate your generosity and it will put a smile on your face aswell as theirs! Give yourself a reason to feel proud!

11. Put your health first.

Every now and then, swap that chocolate bar for a piece of fruit, and that glass of coke for a glass of water. This will benefit you in so many ways, such as improving your skin, giving you more energy, and feeling better all round.

12. Go for a jog one evening. 

It’s amazing how going for a run can put you in such a good mood. Yes it’s hard if you have never done it before, but start slowly and push yourself, and you will come back aching, but feeling good! You feel like you have done something worthwhile, and can sit back and relax when you get in, feeling  good about yourself, and your frame of mind will be more positive than before! Really!

13. Keep a diary. 

It’s been proven that we remember negative things more than the positive, and this is such a shame. Keeping a diary, will help you to remember the good things that have happened, and when you are feeling down you can look back through it and read memories that will bring a smile to your face.

14. Have a duvet day.

What a brilliant idea, I hear you say! We all love being lazy now and again, so one weekend spend a day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yep, zero, zilch. Stay in bed and have a day of watching your favourite films, surfing the web on your laptop, or chilling to music. It will help you to completely relax, and you go back to work feeling like you have actually had break for once!

15. Get some fresh air.

Put on your winter jacket and boots, and go outside for a walk. You don’t have to be out for long, but getting just 20 minutes of fresh air, will help to clear your mind. Also there are always things to see along the way, be it a beautiful sky or flowers if your into nature, and you can always snap a few photos of your sights.

16. Clear out your wardrobe.

Admit it. You have waaay more clothes than you need, and you haven’t worn half of them in years! Get them out and sort out what you don’t want anymore. Give them to charity or sell them! You will have a lot more free room in your wardrobe, and it won’t be so stressful finding an outfit as you can actually see what you have.

How To Relieve Heartburn

I get really irritated by unnecessary pains. For example if I have a headache or a stomachache and there is no reason for it, and it has just come on randomly, I actually get angry for having the pointless pain. You wonder why you are suffering and it ruins your day. Last night I was suffering with severe heartburn. I tried to sleep it off so I couldn’t feel the pain anymore but when it hurts that much, it is impossible to get to sleep.

I frantically searched the web for quick cures and to my surprise there are several that actually worked for me. Not everyone’s bodies will react in the same way, but next time you are suffering with heartburn try these tips and see if they will work for you like they did with me:

1. Antacids don’t always work for me. But start off by taking one or two, such as Rennie. As these are the most common cure.

2. Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it with a glass of water and drink. This helps neutralise stomach acid. This has worked most effectively with me.

3. Sit upright. This keeps the acid in the stomach and when laying down it will make the heartburn worse.

4. Drink a glass of milk. This will wash the acid down, and you will feel a cooling sensation, helping to ease the pain.

5. Eat a banana. This will raise the PH for stomach content and lower acidity levels.

6. Chewing a price of sugar free gum helps get rid of the acid build up.

I know these tips won’t help everyone, but give them a try next time you are suffering with heartburn and see what works for you.

How Long Should Your Power Nap Be?

Do you ever feel like you need a nap during the day but then feel worse than you did beforehand? This has happened to me a lot. Sometimes on a weekend I can spend all morning running around, and then feel in need of a short nap just so I can rest for a little while before the afternoon; but then when I wake up I feel even more tired and grumpy for the rest of the day.

Studies have shown that a 10-20 minute nap is ideal for a boost in energy and alertness; and that this length makes it easier for you hit the ground running after waking up, because you are limited to the lighter stages of sleep, meaning you won’t drift into a deep sleep, finding it harder to get up and be active afterwards.

When you have a 30 minute nap, it can cause a groggy, hangover like feeling that can last for 30 minutes after waking up, before you can see the benefit of the nap.

A 60 minute nap, is very beneficial as it improves the memory of facts and names. Even though you will be in a deep sleep, you will feel the effects 30 minutes after waking up, with grogginess in between.

If you need a longer nap, for 90 minutes then this a full cycle of sleep. This means that the deeper and lighter stages including rapid eye movement, are typically likened to the dreaming stage. This means procedural and emotional memory and creativity is improved. Due to the length of the nap, it tends to be easier to wake up afterwards, and would not normally lead to a groggy feeling after waking.

So I would suggest when next taking a nap, have a look at these time lengths. Sometimes a simple nap won’t always benefit you.

Lies About Your Own Body

Should we believe everything we hear?
Here are just some of the things that we have been led to believe are true when in actual fact, they are not..

1. There is no actual cure for the common cold. It is a virus that is ever changing, and antibiotics will not help.

2. If you wake a sleepwalker, it is not ‘dangerous’ as we have been led to believe, it just confuses and startles them.

3. Experts say that we have at least 7 senses, and maybe even more than 20! So not the five that we have been told.
Two other senses being:
The vestibular system which explains the perception of our body in relation to gravity, movement and balance. The vestibular system measures acceleration, g-force, body movements and head position. Examples of the vestibular system in practice include knowing that you are moving when you are in an elevator, knowing whether you are lying down or sat up, and being able to walk along a balance beam.

And finally..
Proprioception which is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. This sense is very important as it lets us know exactly where our body parts are, how we are positioned in space and to plan our movements. Examples of our proprioception in practice include being able to clap our hands together with our eyes closed, write with a pencil and apply with correct pressure, and navigate through a narrow space.

4. Some people say that hair and fingernails still grow when a person is dead. This is not true, and is actually rather the skin dying and shrinking away, giving the effect of growth.

5. You don’t need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, to maintain good health. The amount of water your body requires is down to your weight, activity level and environment. It also doesn’t necessarily matter if the water comes from what is put into your tea, juice and fruit & veg.

So maybe we shouldn’t believe everything we hear..

Sausage Salad Pitta

The other day for lunch, I thought I’d make myself a sandwich but then realised I had no sandwich filler.
What I did have was some bramley apple pork sausages.
So I cooked them. And then chopped them up into tiny pieces, mixed them with a little bit of mayonnaise, and then put them into a pitta bread with salad.
It was really nice and made a change from just your average ham sandwich!

Next time you want to make your sandwich a bit more interesting I would definitely recommend this!

How To Remove Ink From Leather

This is definitely a tip I would recommend to anyone who has kids who like drawing over your cream leather sofa, or have managed to get ink on leather some other way!

So my other half became a human piece of art work yesterday, he had his kids over, and decided to let them use biro to draw all over his arms and chest (don’t ask) he then fell asleep topless on the sofa, and woke up this morning to find the ink had transferred onto the cream leather, and had made a huge mess.
He tried pretty much everything to get it out but no luck.
I was not happy as you can imagine!

So I looked online and one of the results that came up was to try an alcohol based hairspray..
I use silvikrin maximum hold, so thought I’d give it a go. I was told to spray hairspray all over the ink and wait five minutes before washing it off, but almost immediately after using the hairspray, I could see the ink running off, so I used a baby wipe and just wiped it off. I was amazed as the ink completely disappeared instantly!

One thing I will mention though is don’t overdo it with the hairspray. There is a chance it can lighten the leather and leave it looking bleached, luckily for me it didn’t happen on this occasion.


1. Grab your hairspray
2. Spray lightly over ink stain (keep about an inch away)
3. Leave for a minute or two if no instant reaction
4. Then wipe away with a baby wipe
5. Enjoy your stain free sofa!

Hope this little tip helps!