20 Things Girls Say VS What They Actually Mean

We women are confusing creatures. We are not simple and can be annoyingly difficult.
It is hard for men to understand women an awful lot of the time, due to men not always being able to pick up hints that we think we are dropping. Sometimes we think that men should know what we are really thinking, even if that is the opposite to what we are saying.

For example if I say to my boyfriend ‘you can have that last slice of pizza’ what I really mean is – I really want that last slice, but I don’t want to seem greedy and I am trying to be nice, please say no and insist on me eating it. True story.
Sometimes it is easier for us to beat around the bush, rather than coming out and saying what we are actually thinking, as we worry about the reaction we will get and how we are portraying ourselves.
It’s silly isn’t it?

Here are some common things that we women say, and what we actually mean.

1. I’m not hungry at the moment.

I can’t think of what I fancy to eat, but if you start eating, I will want what your having and will soon join in and take your food, and don’t you dare moan about it.

2. I feel ugly today. 

Please reassure me and tell me that I look nice, I just need some comfort and sympathy.

3. You’ve forgotten when my birthday is?

You better be joking, or start running as I am about to kick your ass.

4. It’s fine.

It is most certainly not okay. We need to talk about this for a long period of time until you have apologised for whatever it is you have done and give me a damn good reason.

5. I don’t know why other girls don’t like me much.

I am a bit of a bitch, okay I admit it. But I just want to seem nice and a good person so you don’t think bad of me.

6. I forgive you.

Nope. Any time I make a mistake which is not as bad as this, I will be bringing this up to throw back in your face. This is not forgotten. Oh hell no. 

7. Do you think she’s pretty?

Even if she’s a goddamn supermodel, you better point out a flaw, and tell me she ‘isn’t your type’.

8. I’ll be ready in five minutes.

I just need to re-do my hair and make up, get my bag sorted, and look in the mirror another thousand times before I can leave the house, and then go running back in to make sure all appliances are turned off.

9. I’m not drinking tonight.

Well I can have one.. 5 drinks later and I’m toooo drunk.

10. I won’t tell anyone.

Well just my best friend of course, and anyone else who brings up a similar subject and I want to get involved. Oh and maybe my mum.

11. Being a girl sucks.

I am on my period, please make me feel comfortable, bring me chocolate and entertain me.

12. Do you think I’m too emotional?

Am I crazy? Please tell me? Am I insane? What do you think of me?

13. Am I over reacting?

I know I am, but please tell me your on my side and that you agree with me, so I don’t feel like I’m a lunatic.

14. I have nothing to wear.

My wardrobe is so full of clothes, I don’t know where to start. I need something new so I don’t have to dig through everything I own.

15. I woke up like this.

I spent ages getting ready. You must believe that this is my ‘natural’ look.

16. It’s up to you.

Careful. This is a test. In actual fact it is not up to you, and the next few words you utter, better be well thought out before answering. You must answer so it looks like it is your decision, but think very carefully about how she would answer, if it was her choice. You must answer as if it her that makes the decision, but the words need to come from your mouth. This will make you look caring and considerate, and also like you have the same interests.

17. I’ll just pop in, I won’t be a moment.

Cancel all your plans. If she’s not distracted by something then she will find a reason to drag the process out and end up spending half the day there. 

18. Have fun tonight.

Don’t you dare even look at another girl, let alone talk to her. I will find out.

19. Leave me alone.

Just go away for two minutes and let me calm down. Then come back, give me cuddles and tell me everything is going to be okay.

20. We need to talk.

You better think of everything you could have possibly done wrong, forgotten birthday? Anniversary? Whatever it is, it’s about to kick off. Rack your brains and be ready to be apologetic.

Ugh Women…

And there you have our secret.
This is the art of decoding what we really mean.
Use it wisely!


Are You Indecisive?

We all have our moments don’t we. I genuinely do not know anyone that is more indecisive than myself. It is awful. I’ll go the shop to get a drink, and find myself in front of shelves and shelves of different items, and not know which one to choose.

Even I fancy something in particular like a coke, I will see the selection of many other drinks and panic. I will scan my eyes over all the other choices, and umm and ahh for what feels like forever until I just have to make a choice. (Either my lunch break is running out, or I am in people’s way)
I honestly just can’t make up my mind. It gets worse when I feel pressured, like if I don’t have a lot of time. My eyes just dart around and I end up picking up the nearest thing and then walking out of the shop disappointed that I didn’t get something else.
When I talk to my friends about it they all say they are exactly the same so that’s a comfort at least.
I think we all do it from time to time.

If I think that’s bad enough, you can imagine what I am like with actual real decisions. This time last year I had two job offers. I have never felt more panicked and anxious in my life. I had to decide what I wanted within two days, whilst giving up my job at the time. I handed in my notice to get that out of the way, and then I sat down and wrote out all the pros and cons of each job I had been offered. It was hard but in the end I went with my gut and accepted the job I am currently in. I knew I had made the right decision straight away (thank god!) but for that short period of time I was trying to decide it was unbearable.

What I have learnt with decision making is to ask yourself:

1. ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ That can help to put your mind at ease and make you feel more relaxed about the situation in hand.

2. Don’t think about everybody else and what they would say. This is your decision and go with your gut instinct or whatever you feel is the right answer. Thinking about others reactions will make the decision longer and more difficult, because your need to please others will be put before your own feelings.

3. Try not to think too much. The first thing that pops into your head, is normally what you will end up going with. If you think too much then loads of other things will pop into your head leaving you with too many choices and possible answers, and it will be impossible to choose.

Thinking too long about something is usually the reason that it doesn’t get done. It also shows a lack of confidence. That you are not strong enough to make your own decisions.

So don’t overthink too much! ☺️

Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammar have always been something that has bugged me. I have always found myself to be quite good at spelling, and take care to make sure what I am writing actually makes sense and the punctuation is correct.
I am ashamed to say that several years ago when I was a young teen, I conformed to the craze of writing incorrectly.
I am ashamed and so embarrassed of how I used to write/type informally to my friends.
This is how it looked..

‘hEy hOw arE yOuu tOdAy??
iMm gOinG oUt lAtEr iF yOuu wAnT tO cOmE?’

Why oh why did my generation including myself used to type like this?
It shows nothing but stupidity and a lack of general English skills.
I can’t even look back and laugh as it is so embarrassing that I was a part of this madness.
That is literally how we would all speak to each other, including hundreds of other young people.
It didn’t make any sense. You would randomly change a letter in a word to a capital for no reason whatsoever. The only letter that would always stay small is the ‘i’. I don’t know why this was; I guess we thought it looked better staying small.
Adding extra letters to a word, such as one or two extra vowels, to ‘exaggerate’ the word.
And you can imagine how time consuming it was. A simple sentence would take triple the time to type, due to the constant changing from caps lock back to non capitals.
It is something that most young people did from the age of 12-15 in my generation. That is until we suddenly wondered what on earth we was doing.

I guess we all have done things that we look back on and just shake our heads.

Don’t You Forget About Me

I was listening to this classic by Simple Minds the other day and it got me thinking.
When I’m gone I want to be remembered. I don’t want to be famous or have strangers know me, but I want my friends and family to remember me for who I am. For being honest. For always trying to do the right thing. And for putting a smile on their faces when they are down. I want to be remembered in the most positive way possible. I have made mistakes like everybody else. And I hope they won’t be held against me. I hope I can be remembered for being the young creative one who had her own problems to deal with but always came out with a smile on her face, willing to help other people. That’s how I want people to remember me.
It’s all well and good saying how you want people to think of you, but you have to put some actions to it. If you want to be remembered as a generous person then you have to be generous. And if you want to be remembered as loving and caring then be those things too. Have good actions and people will remember this. Positive actions go so much further and although negatives can hurt and we may not be able to forget them. When someone is taken from us, when do we look at the bad things about them? Maybe at first in anger or grief, but we always end up looking at the good things. The happy moments. Give your loved ones a reason to have a happy thought.

I also came across Everlasting Memorials who offer gravestones and free consultations, and I started thinking about what I would want on my gravestone when I am not here in many years to come. I think I would want a simple but powerful quote that sums up my life as best it can.

Loreal Nude Magique Foundation Review

My friend has been raving about this foundation for agesss. I never wear foundation unless I am going out for the night. And normally I only use a cheap one, such as MUA’s ‘Pro Base Foundation Kit’ but my friend insisted that I give Loreal’s one a try. So I did.
I bought this from Superdrug for around £10 and chose the shade ‘warm ivory’ as this suited my skin tone better.
I got home and immediately tried it. I was impressed by the appearance of the bottle, small but delicate and looked quite fancy.
I used a make up pad, and poured a little onto it.


I poured a bit too much by the looks of it!

I started by applying it on my cheeks, and I was shocked that it instantly blended in, and I couldn’t feel it at all!
I applied it to the rest of my face and I was impressed with how well and quickly it just seemed to match my skin. It was like I wasn’t wearing any! I didn’t need to go over any bits again, it was perfect first time. The most impressive thing about this foundation is that you really can’t feel it at all when it’s on.
It is incredibly light with a lovely soft smell, and it doesn’t have the heavy feeling you can get with other foundations; that reminds you that your wearing it and feels like your clogging up your pores.
This foundation really is ‘magic’ and I would recommend it, if you hate the feel of wearing foundation!
If you are thinking of changing foundations or trying out a new one then I would definitely recommend this!


13 Most Satisfying Feelings

We all have our own, most satisfying feelings. Most of them are the little things in life that aren’t a big deal at all, but at the time make you feel amazing. It’s the minor things that keep us going and give us something to smile about for a brief moment. It is these things that we all have different opinions on, although I’m sure we can relate to each others.

Here are my top 10:

1. Getting into bed after a long day, or night out

2. When you finally make it to the toilet after holding it for what feels like forever

3. Laying in bed listening to the rain outside your window

4. Putting on clothes straight off the radiator

5. Fresh bed sheets

6. The exhausting feeling after a work out

7. Finally finishing a job that has taken hours to do

8. Waking up realising you have more time to sleep

9. Singing a song and getting every word right and in time

10. Getting indoors after being out in the cold

11. When you see your food coming at a restaurant

12. Slamming a door after an argument

13. Popping bubble wrap when stressed

Ahh the amazing feeling you get!

What are yours?

You’ve Had Too Much To Think

Yep you read that right..
We all get down and let our minds wonder. Usually when we are on our own. I know I do it all the time. Just wanted to say that if you do feel down, and start worrying about things and your mind drifts off and you feel a bit depressed then stop yourself. Get up and talk with your loved ones, go out with friends, or do something you enjoy. Don’t put yourself down and make yourself feel worse. Just stop yourself from thinking too much, and keep yourself busy.
I hope this can work for you ☺️

Rethink Campaign

I would like to talk about a subject that is very personal to me. And that is mental health. I couldn’t count the amount of times, I have been depressed, anxious or paranoid, and others have told me to just ‘change my way of thinking’ or ‘snap out of it’ I don’t wish to share my diagnosis and my story at the moment; but I have been involved with mental health professionals for several years. And if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I ever would have seen a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mental illness is so overlooked. And that really upsets me. If someone had a broken arm or a physical illness, then they receive sympathy, and because it is physically visible people notice. Mental illness is not always visible. People can’t always see what’s going on behind the exterior we put on. We’re not asking for sympathy, just for understanding and support. Imagine if someone had cancer and somebody said to them ‘it’s just cancer, stop thinking like that and you’ll be fine’ it just wouldn’t happen. So many people that have a mental illness are not believed, and are made out to be an ‘attention seeker’ and are made to feel that we are making it up and that we actually want to feel this way. This is so far from the truth. We don’t want to feel like this! It makes getting through each day so difficult, and without support and understanding it is impossible. We shouldn’t be made to feel like we can just change instantly. It is hard enough accepting the fact that we are not like everybody else and can’t think the same way, let alone with people putting us down even more and just laughing at us. It’s not fair. Society needs to change the way it views mental illnesses and stop ignoring it.

I was recently contacted and asked to sign a petition regarding stopping cuts to mental health services. This is the email I wrote to them:

Dear Monitor,

As a member of the public with an interest in the provision of mental health services, I am writing in response to the current consultation on the National Tariff Payment System 2015/16.

I would like to express my strong objection to the way the prices for mental health services next year have been calculated. Your consultation document says ‘We are setting a single efficiency factor for 2015/16 of 3.8%… based on data from acute providers, which suggested that this level of efficiency is achievable for the sector as a whole.’ (section 2.2.1, page p.83).

This means that crucial funding decisions about mental health services are being made without the right information. It is impossible to accurately assess the impact of these cuts from assumptions based on hospitals and other services. I believe these flawed methods will have a damaging affect on my local mental health services.

I am working full time and am currently seeing mental health professionals. I am trying my best to cope with daily life and am only doing this with the help of a mental health team. Making cuts would leave me back at square one.

These proposals are not fair and I would ask you to stop and reconsider your calculations. Mental health services are already struggling compared to other services and need significant investment, not blanket cuts. That is how we will achieve a truly fair system for mental health services.

Best wishes,

Lauren Green

This email was also sent to Lara Carmona. The associate director of Rethink Campaigns. This is the response I got.

Dear Lauren,

Thank you so much for joining the fight against funding cuts. We will be in touch about the outcomes of the consultation in the new year.

In the mean time, we still need your help to make sure our voices are heard. Please forward this campaign to anyone you think might have something to say. There is a template email below that you can simply forward to your friends.

With many thanks,

Lara Carmona
Associate Director – Campaigns, Policy and Innovation
Rethink Campaigns

As you can imagine I have shared this endlessly. I just want to make you all aware about mental health issues. And hope this article has opened your eyes to the reality of these issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


mental illnss

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Words Can Hurt

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”

You know that saying?
It’s about being a strong person and not letting people put you down, but even if you are the strongest minded person in the world, there are still people that can hurt you.
Words hurt.
It’s sad but it’s true. People who don’t think before they speak can hurt you without even realising that they have done it.
All it takes is for someone to make a comment or a joke that you either take the wrong way, or too personally.
We’ve all done it, I make jokes with people, and they can laugh it off, but deep down their offended by what I said, and I don’t even know it because I was too careless with my words.
Someone I know recently saw me eating a big meal, and tried to ‘make a joke’ by saying that I will only go and make myself sick afterwards because I am watching my weight.
What they didn’t know was that, although I have never been bulimic, I had suffered with anorexia for years, and am now finally on the right track.
I am trying to put weight on, and look after myself, but I just can’t seem to gain weight.
For someone to make a joke like that, it may seem funny to them and they didn’t mean it horribly, and it wasn’t a personal attack; that’s what it felt like..
I went into a state of depression, and what they said really put me down.
I thought to myself ‘is that what everyone is thinking when they see me eat?’
Do they really think that’s what I do?
Because that is so far from the truth..

It is so easy to be careless with words, and I think we all should think before we speak, because we don’t know people’s pasts and what they have been through; so put yourself in the other persons shoes, and think of how you would feel if that was you.

“Be careful with your words, once said they can only be forgiven not forgotten”

MUA Make Up Review

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, and share my opinion on the MUA Make up range that I came across in the Superdrug stores.

Most of their products are a shocking £1! And I certainly have no complaints!
They range from foundations, to eye shadow, to nail varnish, to lip gloss and many many more must have items!
I recently went in and purchased their Pro Base Complexion Foundation Kit. And was extremely surprised with the results!
I have always had combination skin, and have found it really hard to find a foundation that compliments my skin.
In all honesty I never wear foundation.
I only wear it when I am going out for the night and want to look my best; so I needed a foundation that worked for me.
I would rate this product a 9/10.
It’s creamy texture, blends evenly over my skin, and I can barely feel it, when it’s on.
I like this product so much, that I contacted MUA to share with them my thoughts on the product; and agreed for them to share my review on their website.

This brings me to their blusher & bronzer range.
I always wear a light pressed powder that they sell.
Normally I then use their bronzer to dust over my cheeks, which gives them a healthy glow.
I recently tried their blusher; and I can say in all honesty I have never worn blusher before, so didn’t know if I would like it or not.
I chose the shade ‘candyfloss’ as it looked the right shade for me..
After buying it, I can say that I will definitely be using it in the future!
I can’t believe that I haven’t tried blusher before, and definitely loving this one.

I also use their chocolate brown eyeliner.
Sometimes I do wear the jet black, but if I just want to use a more subtle eyeliner then I go for this.
I chose their shade 4 mascara, which is a dark brown, which together with the eyeliner works really well to make my eyes stand out, without being too dark.



I have nearly every colour of their lipstick that they do..
Their only £1 each! Why not?




Nude, fawn fancy, pouty pink, peachy keen, scarlet siren..
Their all perfect for any occasion!
Also I have recently bought their ‘Out there plumping lip gloss’ which stays on for hours! And makes my lips appear fuller and glossier!


I then finish it all off with a dab of their Pro Brow Kit; to sharpen up my eyebrows and fill them in.


This range shows that make up does not have to be expensive; and you can look good on a budget!
For those of you who have not tried the MUA range, they have definitely got my vote! And I encourage you all to try their products!