My Healthy Foods Of The Day

My healthy eating is really going well! I am surprised how easy it is for me to stick to it! I thought I would really struggle and be craving chocolate and sugar all the time. But I have managed to substitute a can of coke and a bar of chocolate for a sugar free carton of fruit juice or water and a piece of fruit.
I have been making the effort to make myself lunch every day instead of grabbing something unhealthy from the local shop.

Here is what I had yesterday.


As you can see I had a chocolate flavoured Weetabix drink for breakfast which is packed full of protein, energy and fibre! And oh my goodness it tastes amazing! Literally amazing! Along with a Tescos’s healthy living strawberry and apple cereal bar.

This filled me up for a couple hours, until I had my late morning snack which was a banana.
For lunch I made myself a grilled chicken salad, which was delicious!
I had drunk nearly a litre of water by lunch time.
In the afternoon I had a packet or orange drops (which are one of your five a day!)
When I got in I had some cranberry and raspberry juice, chicken stir fry for dinner, and snacked on grapes in the evening.
It really does feel amazing to know that your eating healthily!
Not only had it given me energy and improved my skin, but I feel like a better person. I feel happier and now look forward to my meals knowing that they are balanced and full of goodness!



Does The Internet Ruin Mystery?

I am not old enough to have been around when there was no mobile phones and no internet, although it was limited when I was a child. I have missed out on experiencing life as a young adult, without mobile phones, social networking and all your questions answered in just a couple of seconds.

I guess you could say that I am lucky in a way that I don’t know any different and that these privileges just come naturally, and have led me to take them for granted.

But I wonder if in fact this has led me, as well as thousands of others in my generation to become anti-social, intelligence cheats.

Let me explain..

If I have a question, instead of going to the library for example to find out the answer, or picking up the telephone to ask a family member or a friend. I will simply pick up my mobile phone and search for the answer on Google. This leads me to millions of answers which will appear on my screen in relevance order and I can search through them. Whereas before mobile phones, you would have to go out of your way to ask and find out the answer, making you socialise. Although this is much more convenient than things were before, we are now lacking social conversation as we don’t have to do it as often. If a young person is studying for an exam and are lacking knowledge on a particular topic; instead of taking more notes and paying more attention in class, they can just sit at home, tap the question into their phone or computer; and be instantly met with all the answers they require, without leaving the house. Yes this is brilliant and practical! But is this cheating? Now we are becoming lazy and don’t even have to try to get the answers we want. We no longer have to sit and work through loads of textbooks to find our answers.

Everything can now be done online. From ordering your food shopping, to booking cinema tickets, to a table at a restaurant. It is all made so easy for us!

Anyway back to the point. What I find hard to think about is when things were simpler and more, well basic. Meeting up with a friend and actually sticking to the time. Not being able to call or text if you have to cancel or are running late. Just sticking to your words and being there on time and sticking to appointments.

Some of my friends have recently been on dating sites, or have been set up on a blind date. They did not know what the person looked like in real life, or anything about them. But would they just go and meet them without doing the background research on them first? Of course not! They search frantically through Facebook for their profile, see what they have been up to lately, their likes and dislikes, work history, you can even see what music and films they are into! So before you have even met them you know nearly everything about them! So when the time comes to meet them you don’t have to take the time to find out anywhere near as much information as you normally would on the first couple of dates, because you have done the research and their past/present has already been seen by you. Yes, it can be a good way to steer the conversation towards something they are passionate about, but surely this leaves them pre judged? And there will be many awkward silences?

When I meet someone I like it to be a fresh start. To meet them in the flesh without judging their appearance through a profile photo online. I would like to find out about them from the start without knowing it all before I have met them. It’s just more social, and the mystery is still there, it can be exciting.

Say you plan a trip with your partner, it could be anywhere. You can go online and see all the reviews that people have written about that place; and if it is negative it could throw you off and make you decide not to go there. But maybe there likes and opinions are completely different to yours. So they could have written a bad review, but in your eyes you could have loved it and written a good one!

So my question is- Does the internet ruin mystery?

In my opinion it definitely does. Do you agree, and is this a good or a bad thing?

Your Simple Guide To Happiness

We all struggle to feel good about ourselves from time to time, so I have come up with a list of things we can do to make things seem a bit more positive. It’s not all bad you know..

1. Boost your confidence.

The first week of the month, is always worrying as we set ourselves expectations for the month ahead, and it seems like a mission to get there. Instead of worrying about things to come, look at what you achieved last month, and the problems you have overcome. Be it a row with your boss that you managed to get over, something that has annoyed you that you managed to move on from, getting over a fear or worry that you had, or reaching a goal that has taken you a while to achieve. There is always something that you can be proud of.

2. Spend wisely. 

Yay! It’s payday! But before you do your usual, of spending it on all the latest clothes and accessories and blowing your wages within the first week. Do something good for you. Get a facial or a massage, treat yourself to a new hair cut or colour; or go out for a meal with friends and socialise. Surveys have shown that people who spend their money on socialising with friends or their partner, do not regret wasting that money, as they have got an experience out of it. Those who waste it all on clothes, look back at the end of the month and regret spending that money.

3. Plan a holiday.

We ALL need a break. Even if you just go away for a weekend, or spend one week away. It gives you a well deserved break, time to relax, and something to look forward to throughout the year. Search for cheap deals online, and you can get a real bargain!

4. Find some you time.

You don’t have to spend every night with your loved one. Set aside an evening here and there where you can do what you want to do. Download a fitness app, do some exercises, or download a meditation app where you will be at peace, and feel completely relaxed and positive after.

5. Post something positive.

The majority of us all have an Instagram or a Facebook account that we post on now and again. Instead of trying to grab attention by posting something negative, and waiting for the comments to roll in; post something nice. Something you are looking forward to, a photo or a quote that makes you happy. Just something to show your not all doom and gloom.

6. Get cosy.

It’s getting colder. Grab yourself a faux fur blanket, a thick fleecy dressing gown, or something made out of cashmere wool. Textures that are soft have been found to be emotionally comforting, so grab yourself a cup of tea, stock up and snuggle up!

7. Keep tidy. 

I know. It can be hard to find the time to keep your bedroom tidy. But making your bed every morning, bringing the cups down when you have finished with them, and picking up your socks from the middle of the floor, will save time when you get in from work, and you can just relax without wasting your evening picking up clutter. Having control of the little things in our lives, helps us to feel more in charge just generally.

8. Get shaking.

This is funner than you think! When we are stressed out, the neurones in our brain are messed up, but if you shake yourself about, it will trigger a relaxation response. So dance around to your favourite song! Bounce around, and shake your arms and legs! Trust me, it will bring a positive impact!

9. Give yourself some vitamins.

Lacking energy? Feel drained and tired? You are probably lacking in vitamins. Make an appointment with your doctor to find out what vitamins you are lacking in, and buy some tablets. It could be B12 you need, Vitamin C, or even Zinc. If you can’t get these vitamins from the food you eat, then it is important you are getting in some other way, such as taking these supplements.

10. Be kind to a stranger.

Is there someone standing on the bus or train because there are no seats left? Offer them yours! Are there homeless people that you walk past every day, without giving them a second look? Give them your spare change, or buy them a coffee! Most people will really appreciate your generosity and it will put a smile on your face aswell as theirs! Give yourself a reason to feel proud!

11. Put your health first.

Every now and then, swap that chocolate bar for a piece of fruit, and that glass of coke for a glass of water. This will benefit you in so many ways, such as improving your skin, giving you more energy, and feeling better all round.

12. Go for a jog one evening. 

It’s amazing how going for a run can put you in such a good mood. Yes it’s hard if you have never done it before, but start slowly and push yourself, and you will come back aching, but feeling good! You feel like you have done something worthwhile, and can sit back and relax when you get in, feeling  good about yourself, and your frame of mind will be more positive than before! Really!

13. Keep a diary. 

It’s been proven that we remember negative things more than the positive, and this is such a shame. Keeping a diary, will help you to remember the good things that have happened, and when you are feeling down you can look back through it and read memories that will bring a smile to your face.

14. Have a duvet day.

What a brilliant idea, I hear you say! We all love being lazy now and again, so one weekend spend a day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yep, zero, zilch. Stay in bed and have a day of watching your favourite films, surfing the web on your laptop, or chilling to music. It will help you to completely relax, and you go back to work feeling like you have actually had break for once!

15. Get some fresh air.

Put on your winter jacket and boots, and go outside for a walk. You don’t have to be out for long, but getting just 20 minutes of fresh air, will help to clear your mind. Also there are always things to see along the way, be it a beautiful sky or flowers if your into nature, and you can always snap a few photos of your sights.

16. Clear out your wardrobe.

Admit it. You have waaay more clothes than you need, and you haven’t worn half of them in years! Get them out and sort out what you don’t want anymore. Give them to charity or sell them! You will have a lot more free room in your wardrobe, and it won’t be so stressful finding an outfit as you can actually see what you have.

27 Things That Happened At A Pre Teen Girls Sleepover

Ah the joys of being young and single. When you and the girlies would have weekly sleepovers. At first you would plan to have a sleepover with one friend, but once the rest of your group catches whiff, they would end up inviting themselves along. Then come the stages of begging your mum for days if it can be hosted at your house.

“You can have one friend stay over only, and I have to speak to her mum first to make sure it’s okay” What that really meant was, I have never met this friend before or spoken to her parents, so I must call to make sure they are not psychopaths, that way I know their child won’t be a problem. Stop being so annoying mum! You beg for ages, and end up resulting in literally being on your knees, making all kinds of promises to do the washing up for a week, all the housework, walk the dog, and clean her car, aswell as the bathroom. In the end she gives in, under the circumstance that you will all go to bed at 10pm, not make a mess, and keep the noise down.


You text all your friends to tell them the good news, making out your mum was ‘cool’ about it the whole time. Then that Friday or Saturday night comes..

1. You put on your favourite T-shirt, and attempt to crinkle your hair. Cute.

2. They all turn up one by one, with their bright coloured sleeping bags, and a bag full of films and snacks.

3. You start off extremely hyper, and all agree to do an ‘all nighter’ What a fantastic idea! Staying awake ALL night, causing mayhem and not getting any sleep! What’s better than that? Oh dear..

4. Your mum has already bought the sugar supplies. Cherryade, Cream Soda, Lemonade, Ice Cream, Haribos, Strawberry Laces, Chocolate. Thanks mum!

5. You decide to order a pizza. Again your mum has to get her purse out and do the dirty work for you. It was expected of her of course, so a thank you was not in the question. You decide you have to have more pizzas than necessary, a ridiculous amount of toppings, and all the sides. Well garlic bread and chicken strips are just so nice!

6. You have already gathered up a collection of your favourite dvd’s. Mean girls, the Scary Movie collection, shh don’t tell mum, and many others that you have seen a hundred times over.

7. Your friends also bring a collection of films, one of them particulary has an obsession with horror films.

8. Your mum walks in as you are trying to put Scary Movie on. “Turn that off right now! I can see the 15 certificate, you are not old enough! What will your friends parents say?” Jesus mum, it’s no big deal, all the other parents allow it!

9. You over eat, to the point where you are literally about to sick. You can feel the pizza, pop and sweets churning around your stomach and you vow not to eat anymore, but find yourself picking 10 minutes later.

10. You all get your pyjamas out, and compare them to see who has the coolest. They are all pretty babyish, but you have chosen your favourite ones that you think are grown up.

11. You do each others hair and make up and get the disposable camera out to capture the moment.

12. You have all purchased a face mask each (usually from Superdrug) there is a selection between chocolate, strawberry smoothie, cooling cucumber, tropical cocktail, you name it.. From heating to clay masks they are all there.

13. You put your face masks on and play a game of truth or dare. You end up texting something embarrassingly cringy to your crush, and before you know it you have told your friends about the time you wet the bed,  and have put a mixture of sweets into your drink and downed it. Now you feel even more ill..

14. You all think it’s a great idea to go and jump on the bed whilst throwing pillows at each other! Yes this really did happen.

15. You take it in turns to log onto MSN and update your status, including every girl at the sleepovers name with a heart next to it, and let everyone on your friends list know what a great time your having, and all the silly things you have got up to so far! Cooooool..

16. You all then confess which boy you fancy, and tell each other how you are going to get him to ‘ask you out’.

17. After another few glasses of cherryade you are dancing around the house! You are literally high on sugar.

18. Of course, you happen to have marshmallows, and heat chocolate up so you can dip them into it. YUMMY! 

19. When the marshmallow dipping gets too sickly, you then decide to have a contest of ‘chubby bunnies’ and fill your mouth with as many marshmallows as possible; making it impossible to actually eat them all.

20. The diaries come out, and you all tell each other your BIGGEST secrets.

21. Someone gets too hyper and knocks the cherryade over and stains the carpet. Oh no! Quick put something over it to hide it from mum!

22. You prank call the boys, looking through your address book with all their home numbers in. SO FUNNY! They’ll never know it’s us!

23. You all get into your sleeping bags and put a film on, and say your going to sleep.

24. Of course this doesn’t happen, and you all get giggly and start shouting, causing your mum to come down and say that if you don’t all quieten down, they can go home!

25. Someone starts complaining that they have eaten too much and are going to be sick. Egh who invited them? Wimp..

26. Someone falls asleep first, and you all decide it would be a BRILLIANT idea to draw on their face and write a silly word across their forehead such as ‘loser’ your all too funny!!

27. You then all finally get to sleep, leaving the TV on fall blast, and the room in an utter state..

How To Relieve Heartburn

I get really irritated by unnecessary pains. For example if I have a headache or a stomachache and there is no reason for it, and it has just come on randomly, I actually get angry for having the pointless pain. You wonder why you are suffering and it ruins your day. Last night I was suffering with severe heartburn. I tried to sleep it off so I couldn’t feel the pain anymore but when it hurts that much, it is impossible to get to sleep.

I frantically searched the web for quick cures and to my surprise there are several that actually worked for me. Not everyone’s bodies will react in the same way, but next time you are suffering with heartburn try these tips and see if they will work for you like they did with me:

1. Antacids don’t always work for me. But start off by taking one or two, such as Rennie. As these are the most common cure.

2. Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it with a glass of water and drink. This helps neutralise stomach acid. This has worked most effectively with me.

3. Sit upright. This keeps the acid in the stomach and when laying down it will make the heartburn worse.

4. Drink a glass of milk. This will wash the acid down, and you will feel a cooling sensation, helping to ease the pain.

5. Eat a banana. This will raise the PH for stomach content and lower acidity levels.

6. Chewing a price of sugar free gum helps get rid of the acid build up.

I know these tips won’t help everyone, but give them a try next time you are suffering with heartburn and see what works for you.

20 Things Girls Say VS What They Actually Mean

We women are confusing creatures. We are not simple and can be annoyingly difficult.
It is hard for men to understand women an awful lot of the time, due to men not always being able to pick up hints that we think we are dropping. Sometimes we think that men should know what we are really thinking, even if that is the opposite to what we are saying.

For example if I say to my boyfriend ‘you can have that last slice of pizza’ what I really mean is – I really want that last slice, but I don’t want to seem greedy and I am trying to be nice, please say no and insist on me eating it. True story.
Sometimes it is easier for us to beat around the bush, rather than coming out and saying what we are actually thinking, as we worry about the reaction we will get and how we are portraying ourselves.
It’s silly isn’t it?

Here are some common things that we women say, and what we actually mean.

1. I’m not hungry at the moment.

I can’t think of what I fancy to eat, but if you start eating, I will want what your having and will soon join in and take your food, and don’t you dare moan about it.

2. I feel ugly today. 

Please reassure me and tell me that I look nice, I just need some comfort and sympathy.

3. You’ve forgotten when my birthday is?

You better be joking, or start running as I am about to kick your ass.

4. It’s fine.

It is most certainly not okay. We need to talk about this for a long period of time until you have apologised for whatever it is you have done and give me a damn good reason.

5. I don’t know why other girls don’t like me much.

I am a bit of a bitch, okay I admit it. But I just want to seem nice and a good person so you don’t think bad of me.

6. I forgive you.

Nope. Any time I make a mistake which is not as bad as this, I will be bringing this up to throw back in your face. This is not forgotten. Oh hell no. 

7. Do you think she’s pretty?

Even if she’s a goddamn supermodel, you better point out a flaw, and tell me she ‘isn’t your type’.

8. I’ll be ready in five minutes.

I just need to re-do my hair and make up, get my bag sorted, and look in the mirror another thousand times before I can leave the house, and then go running back in to make sure all appliances are turned off.

9. I’m not drinking tonight.

Well I can have one.. 5 drinks later and I’m toooo drunk.

10. I won’t tell anyone.

Well just my best friend of course, and anyone else who brings up a similar subject and I want to get involved. Oh and maybe my mum.

11. Being a girl sucks.

I am on my period, please make me feel comfortable, bring me chocolate and entertain me.

12. Do you think I’m too emotional?

Am I crazy? Please tell me? Am I insane? What do you think of me?

13. Am I over reacting?

I know I am, but please tell me your on my side and that you agree with me, so I don’t feel like I’m a lunatic.

14. I have nothing to wear.

My wardrobe is so full of clothes, I don’t know where to start. I need something new so I don’t have to dig through everything I own.

15. I woke up like this.

I spent ages getting ready. You must believe that this is my ‘natural’ look.

16. It’s up to you.

Careful. This is a test. In actual fact it is not up to you, and the next few words you utter, better be well thought out before answering. You must answer so it looks like it is your decision, but think very carefully about how she would answer, if it was her choice. You must answer as if it her that makes the decision, but the words need to come from your mouth. This will make you look caring and considerate, and also like you have the same interests.

17. I’ll just pop in, I won’t be a moment.

Cancel all your plans. If she’s not distracted by something then she will find a reason to drag the process out and end up spending half the day there. 

18. Have fun tonight.

Don’t you dare even look at another girl, let alone talk to her. I will find out.

19. Leave me alone.

Just go away for two minutes and let me calm down. Then come back, give me cuddles and tell me everything is going to be okay.

20. We need to talk.

You better think of everything you could have possibly done wrong, forgotten birthday? Anniversary? Whatever it is, it’s about to kick off. Rack your brains and be ready to be apologetic.

Ugh Women…

And there you have our secret.
This is the art of decoding what we really mean.
Use it wisely!

Mario Kart – Wii Review

I have always been a fan of the Wii. It started off with Wii sports (mainly the bowling and boxing) and then I started playing on it daily.
From Wii Fit to Just Dance it was something I looked forward to doing after school or work.
I recently purchased Mario Kart as it had brilliant reviews and sounded like something I would enjoy. The game is aimed at children, but it suitable for all ages.
After starting the first race, I realised I had played it many times before over at a friends house; I just never realised what game it was.
The first time I played this game after I had bought it, before I knew it 3 hours had gone by. I got so into it and was completely addicted within that short space of time.
You can play on your own in the ‘Grand Prix’ to unlock other races, or you can play against friends just to compete and take part. This game is annoyingly good, as once you start playing you just can’t stop.

If you are playing with friends you could play on this game all night, determined to beat your opponent.
Especially as you know if you win at certain races you can unlock new cars, characters and races.
I have always been a game lover and have an addictive personality, meaning if I enjoy something new, it will become habit and part of my routine. 
With this game you need the Wii ‘wheel’ and you can just pop the Wii remote into the wheel, and there you go! You are behind the wheel of a racing car of your choice!
When driving through races you can pick up a box which enables you a temporary boost or something to make the other players fall behind.
For example you can get a ‘bullet’ which shoots you through the lap without you having to do anything, and bumps you up to a higher place (such as first or second) you can also get shells which you can throw at other players to trip them up; aswell as getting a mushroom which gives you a speed boost.

The whole game is about completing the race the fastest, whilst doing everything you can to avoid the tricks up the other players sleeves (and using your own tricks of course).

This game is highly addictive and so much fun! It’s good for kids and adults and I would definitely recommend it!

Everything Review

Who says fashion needs to be expensive? A friend recommend a site to me, and to be honest I was a little wary. The site she recommended was She told me she had bought from here several times before and was really happy with the products. I was still un-enthusiastic as how could shoes, bags, dresses and other items be just £5?!

So I checked out the website. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much. I was expecting a limited selection; but to my surprise they had a great range of dresses, knitwear, tops, bags, accessories and even shoes! I soon filled up my online basket, and had at least 20 items! I only viewed the site just to see what it was all about, but it didn’t take me long to know that I wanted these products. Normally when shopping online for new clothing that I don’t want to spend a great amount of money on, I look at H&M or New Look, as I know the sizes well and how the products fit; and I know they are not too expensive.

When I came to checkout it was only £3.95 for 1st class Royal Mail delivery, which surprised me as I thought delivery would be expensive to make up for the low cost of items.

Here are some photos of me in the dresses that I purchased.



IMG_1110 IMG_1142

Excuse the posing, I felt like a catalogue model for the day!

These are few of the many items that I bought from this site, and I have to say that I am extremely impressed. The items fitted perfectly, and I was impressed with the quality. It wasn’t bad at all. I had no idea you could have items such as these for just £5 with no catch! I will be telling all my friends about this site and spreading the word! Goodbye spending £25+ on a new dress or jumper! I will be checking out this website first to see if they have what I need and no doubt they will.

You have to check it out!

20 Things You’ll Only Know If You Went To An All Girls School

Ahh the joys of school. I went to an all girls school out of choice, and two years in, I wished I had went to a mixed school. The bitchiness was unbearable.

These are some things I have come up with which you will only truly understand if you also went to an all girls school.

1. You may not have mastered all the words to mean girls, but you certainly know most of the phrases.

2. You have learnt the art of rolling your skirt. Not many was brave enough to cut the length, so rolling was a major action that all girls did to make their skirts a lot shorter.

3. Your bra was a perfect place to store your phone throughout the school day. Well where else would we put it?

4. The male teachers never clocked on that you would use the period excuse every week to get out of class early or for some other reason.

5. Unless you were good at p.e you would go out of your way to get out of it each lesson; be it a forged note from your ‘mum’ or pretend it’s that time of month already.

6. When the bell went for the end of the day, you would all rush to the toilets to re apply your make up, fix your hair and cover yourself in Charlie body spray, so you look good for the boys from the other school when you meet them.

7. If you did come on your period whilst at school there was no shame. Just let everyone know you need a tampon and they will be thrown at you in all shapes and sizes.

8. The hierarchy was based on how rebellious you were and who had the latest items.

9. If you ever needed to bring something in for a class you would save all your Jane Norman or river island bags just for this occasion. Of course we can’t be seen carrying a Morrison’s bag! 

10. You would pull your tights up in the middle of the classroom because it is socially acceptable to do so. Can we not do it now? Oh..

11. The first year of secondary school, you would obsess over having the best stationery. This means having the best pencil case from W H Smiths, coloured pencils, and of course the smelly gel pens you all had to have!

12. If there was a male teacher who was half decent looking he immediately became the one you all fancied and wouldn’t stop taking about.

13. Rumours spread quicker than you could say ‘gossip’ and people would bitch you out endlessly. Even if it wasn’t true.

14. You would rush home to log onto MSN and get talking to that boy from the other school. If he added your name to his status and out a little heart next to it, you knew it was true love..

15. Breaking up with that special person was awful and would end in you locking yourself in the girls toilets whilst your friends comforted you.

16. If you were given a detention, especially an after school one. You were a badass. And you would be worshipped.

17. If a fight broke out between two girls it would look like a scene from a Wrestling fight. You would definitely not have thought they were that strong.

18. Buying cheap hair extensions were what everyone did. It’s a shame no one knows how to put them in properly and not let the clips show..

19. You and your best friend couldn’t walk anywhere without linking arms.

20. If you can survive school with your best friend, you will be friends for life.

The Difference Between Geeks And Nerds

I have always wondered the difference between the stereotypes of ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’. Some people use these terms often as an insult to call a friend if they are behaving a certain way. I’ve certainly been called a geek before; just for spending time refreshing my designing skills.
The way I can differentiate between the two is that geeks are typically known to be casual dressers, caffeine lovers, and creative people. Nerds are different in the way that they have a fascination with academics, can be smarter dressers, and have an interest in science.

If these differences are right that means I am a typical geek and that I would fit right into the stereotype.
Glasses for reading, jeans, converses, funny t shirts, macbook, coffee lover. That is what you could say sums me up.

There are so many stereotypes out there such as grungers and emos (which people also confuse) that people tend to judge someone just by looking at them for a split second. Stereotypes in my opinion are a lazy way to view someone without taking the time to get to know them and find out more. It is a shame really as we are missing opportunities, by building friendships and learning by judging someone by the way they look.
If everyone was more open minded they could see people’s inner self, and wouldn’t be so quick to shove them into a ‘category’ this is something that happens far too often.

by their appearance.