Advice For Models

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share my post on advice for new models, or people thinking about getting into the modelling industry.

I have been modelling for a few months now and have taken on many paid commercial shoots, extras work and other assignments.

Believe me, being a model is no easy ride. It can involve working unsociable hours, working with people who aren’t the kindest, travelling quite far, and dealing with difficult people. And of course I have to make sure I always eat healthy and look after my body and skin!

Breaking into the modelling industry seems impossible for models who are just starting. You know that it is something you have dreamt of doing, but how do you get into it?

My tips for getting started are:

1. Find out what type of modelling you would like to do. Would you like to do fashion modelling? Catalogue? Or even TV and film? Choose something you are comfortable with as knowing what category you wish to do is a huge step.

2. Create a portfolio. It doesn’t have to be huge, it just needs to include a variety of images, showing you naturally without make up, as well as close up. It is also a good idea to include a black and white image, a photo of you in your own clothes and every day make up, showing your personality, and you in a style which is out of your comfort zone, such as a grunge style, or trying out a simple, elegant look.
It is always a good idea to make an appointment with a photographer and stylist, to get your images taken by a professional, and your hair and make up done professionally.
This will show the contrast of your look, and how you can adapt for various shoots. It is good to have a CD made of your photos so you can apply to jobs easily online, and also a paper portfolio, with your images printed and presented in a book so you can take to castings. Do not spend loads of money! Once you have a few images that are awesome, you can take part in TFP shoots (Time for print) which means you can meet up with photographers and get photos done, and they give you the photos for free, as long as they can use the images for their portfolio. This is a good idea for the beginning of your modelling career as it gives you experience and you don’t have to pay out.

3. If you want to go freelance, search for casting and booking platforms that you can join up too. Or if you want to be put forward for jobs without searching for them, then sign up to an agency.

4. Be yourself. It is completely normal to be nervous, but try and relax, and remember how much you want this. The camera will spot your fear a mile off, so take a deep breath and remember to breathe. When going to castings, enjoy it! Live for the moment and let the camera see how much you are enjoying yourself. This will go a long way.

5. Always tell someone where you are going, and don’t be afraid to ask the director if you can bring someone along with you.

I am still only just starting my modelling career, but I have already had many experiences good and bad, so wish you all the best, and remember to be safe!


The Real Neat Blog Award

So I have been nominated for the ‘Real Neat Blog Award’ by Dear Kitty thank you so much for my nomination! Every blog award I receive means so much to me, it really does!

The rules for this nomination are as follows:

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

The seven questions I was asked are:

1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

America, I get quite a lot of views on particular posts, but most of them definitely come from America.

2. What is your favourite sport?

Boxing! I have always been a big fan of this sport as it is something I took part in for many years.

3. What has been a special moment for you in 2014?

I don’t open up about myself too much on my blog, but I will be honest and say that finally being able to say goodbye to daily care from mental health services, and finally being in a good state of mind, and able to get on with life and deal with things properly.

4. What is your favourite quote?

‘You were born original, don’t be a copy’

5. What was your favourite class when still at school?

ICT. I used to love messing around with computers and being able to quickly pick up learning the internet.

6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

That life is what you make it, and if you want something you have to go out and get it, without relying on others. If you work hard it will eventually pay off in the end.

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

The piano. I had a piano as a child and taught myself to play from the age of 7. I could play many melodies such as Moonlight Sonata and many others.

I nominate:

Hannah Gale

Sophie Speaks Up

O Loriel Moon Shadow

Persia Karema


My Fashion And Beauty Tales

Jon Beckett

My seven questions are:

1. If you could meet any celebrity who would it be?

2. Where does your biggest inspiration come from?

3. What is your favourite store?

4. What country would you most like to visit?

5. If you could only have one of other drink (other than water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

6. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

7. If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

Blog Post Ideas

Have you ever had trouble thinking of a new post to write?
You want to connect and share with your fellow bloggers and capture people’s attention, but what could you possibly blog about?

I have had this feeling before and here are 16 of the ideas I came up with:

1. Share your personal review on a new product you have tried. Be it a drink or a food that you have never tried before, a new make up item or hair product, or a new brand you have come across. Or have you just bought that amazing dress or pair of shoes you have wanted for ages? Snap a photo and post it on your blog with a review and where you bought it from. Share with others and leave them feeling inspired!

2. Do you regret doing anything in your life? Or do you regret not doing something? Think about this, and maybe by sharing your story you can reach out to others and make them question their own lives and give them the inspiration they need to make changes.

3. Have you ever looked back on your childhood or your teenage years and wish you could tell your younger self a thing or two?
For example, you may not have paid much attention in school and are paying for it now. Write yourself a letter to the past, of what you wish you had done, amend what changes you can.

4. What do you miss? Are you bored of working a full time job that doesn’t interest you in the slightest? Do you miss school? Friends that you have drifted apart from? Or a TV show that you loved? Share your missed treasures with others!

5. Are there any tips and useful hints that you have picked up on over the years? Such as a healthy diet, a good hair treatment, or things to keep your smile a shining white? People are always looking for cures and remedies for everyday problems. Me especially! Helps others out by sharing your wisdom! I’m sure people will greatly appreciate this and may recommend your posts to friends!

6. Have you had an interview that went horrifically wrong? Or an event that didn’t entirely go to plan? Is there something that seemed awful at the time but you can now look back on and laugh? Give people something to read, and I’m sure there are people out there who can relate to your experiences!

7. Write a diary entry or a letter to your future self. Include your goals and expectations and where you think you will be in 10 or so years to come. You can look back on this when the time comes and see if your life turned out the way you thought it would.

8. Is there a shop that you absolutely love and you buy pretty much everything from? Give them some love! Write a blog post expressing how much you love and appreciate this shop! Share some photos of you with your new items, such as you wearing a new top etc.. Email the company to let them know about your blog post and your recommendation, and who knows.. You may get a voucher or a freebie from them!

9. Write a ten or twenty something list. These have proven popular with me. For example you could write a list on ’20 things that happen as an early teen’ or ’10 thoughts you had when starting a new job’ these types of blog posts, get people’s attention because they can be easily related to. People of a similar age to you can come across it and think ‘this is so me!’ They will then share the link with their friends, and then your post will gain more and more views.

10. Think random! Write a post which is weird and wonderful, such as ‘if you could be any animal for a day, what animal would you be?’ Explain your answer in detail, and ask readers to comment what their answer would be. This will start up a discussion, and you can meet new bloggers!

11. Write a guide to post. I have previously written a post called ‘Your Simple Guide To Happiness’ this guide included things that you can do to help make you happier. These are things that I do often and have worked for me. Make your own guide. It could be from ‘A guide to getting through uni’ to ‘A guide to fulfilling your dream’ make it your own!

12. Is there a fellow blogger who you check out for inspiration? Or someone that you never miss an update from? Write a post saying why you like this persons style and link to their blog. This person may re-blog and link back to your site, and you can gain views from their followers.

13. Are you a master of applying the fiddly pests which are false eyelashes? Or can you put liquid eyeliner on perfectly first time? Well I can assure you I can do neither! Bit if you are lucky enough to be perfect at this, take a before and after photo explaining how you did it. People are always looking to master the art of make up; and are searching for quick tutorials on the web every day.

14. Or better yet! Why not make a vlog? I think that’s what it’s called.. Isn’t it?
Make a short video of your tutorial. Show how you put on your foundation evenly and make your skin look flawless. Believe me, this is what people want to see.

15. Come across a quote that really inspired you? I come across new quotes every day, and it’s only the rare few that I take in and fall in love with. My initial thoughts are then – what can I do with this quote? Add it to a photo? Print it out? Stick it on my wall? Share it on twitter? I just know I need to get it out there. Look for new quotes or if you come across a great one, then be creative with it!

16. Heard something funny recently that tickled you so much, you nearly laughed your pants off? Share the laughter. Explain how you came to hear something so funny, and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Think about things you search the web for, and how many posts come up with brilliant tips and advice.

Make your own posts, as there will always be many people out there that need your opinion. If people agree with you and your opinions, then they are more likely to come back again and view your latest posts, as they will take a liking to your style. Get your personality seen through the way you write and you are guaranteed returning bloggers!

Colour Me March

What is Colour Me March?

“In 2015 Cheltenham Racecourse is looking to bring colour to The Festival. From hats to shoes, to scarves to nails, it’s all about colour on Ladies Day. For the first time ever colour at The Festival will be celebrated and judged via social media only.”

I am so excited that the weather is getting warmer, so I don’t have to wear a million and one layers now!

Unfortunately due to work I can’t attend this event which I am gutted about!

But if I did attend this is what I would wear:

These items are from H&M which I am a huge fan of!

I would complete this outfit with a pair of brown jewelled sandals and a cute little shoulder bag.

You can find out more about his awesome event here!

You can also follow #ColourMeMarch on twitter for the latest news and updates and even find inspiration for your own outfit!

Remember this event is on the 11th March! Why not check it out?

Whilst I’m here, I may as well share this site that I came across recently – innovative licensing & promotion, inc. They have great tips and advice for selling your invention and methods of marketing and I found it really useful!

Your Simple Guide To Happiness

We all struggle to feel good about ourselves from time to time, so I have come up with a list of things we can do to make things seem a bit more positive. It’s not all bad you know..

1. Boost your confidence.

The first week of the month, is always worrying as we set ourselves expectations for the month ahead, and it seems like a mission to get there. Instead of worrying about things to come, look at what you achieved last month, and the problems you have overcome. Be it a row with your boss that you managed to get over, something that has annoyed you that you managed to move on from, getting over a fear or worry that you had, or reaching a goal that has taken you a while to achieve. There is always something that you can be proud of.

2. Spend wisely. 

Yay! It’s payday! But before you do your usual, of spending it on all the latest clothes and accessories and blowing your wages within the first week. Do something good for you. Get a facial or a massage, treat yourself to a new hair cut or colour; or go out for a meal with friends and socialise. Surveys have shown that people who spend their money on socialising with friends or their partner, do not regret wasting that money, as they have got an experience out of it. Those who waste it all on clothes, look back at the end of the month and regret spending that money.

3. Plan a holiday.

We ALL need a break. Even if you just go away for a weekend, or spend one week away. It gives you a well deserved break, time to relax, and something to look forward to throughout the year. Search for cheap deals online, and you can get a real bargain!

4. Find some you time.

You don’t have to spend every night with your loved one. Set aside an evening here and there where you can do what you want to do. Download a fitness app, do some exercises, or download a meditation app where you will be at peace, and feel completely relaxed and positive after.

5. Post something positive.

The majority of us all have an Instagram or a Facebook account that we post on now and again. Instead of trying to grab attention by posting something negative, and waiting for the comments to roll in; post something nice. Something you are looking forward to, a photo or a quote that makes you happy. Just something to show your not all doom and gloom.

6. Get cosy.

It’s getting colder. Grab yourself a faux fur blanket, a thick fleecy dressing gown, or something made out of cashmere wool. Textures that are soft have been found to be emotionally comforting, so grab yourself a cup of tea, stock up and snuggle up!

7. Keep tidy. 

I know. It can be hard to find the time to keep your bedroom tidy. But making your bed every morning, bringing the cups down when you have finished with them, and picking up your socks from the middle of the floor, will save time when you get in from work, and you can just relax without wasting your evening picking up clutter. Having control of the little things in our lives, helps us to feel more in charge just generally.

8. Get shaking.

This is funner than you think! When we are stressed out, the neurones in our brain are messed up, but if you shake yourself about, it will trigger a relaxation response. So dance around to your favourite song! Bounce around, and shake your arms and legs! Trust me, it will bring a positive impact!

9. Give yourself some vitamins.

Lacking energy? Feel drained and tired? You are probably lacking in vitamins. Make an appointment with your doctor to find out what vitamins you are lacking in, and buy some tablets. It could be B12 you need, Vitamin C, or even Zinc. If you can’t get these vitamins from the food you eat, then it is important you are getting in some other way, such as taking these supplements.

10. Be kind to a stranger.

Is there someone standing on the bus or train because there are no seats left? Offer them yours! Are there homeless people that you walk past every day, without giving them a second look? Give them your spare change, or buy them a coffee! Most people will really appreciate your generosity and it will put a smile on your face aswell as theirs! Give yourself a reason to feel proud!

11. Put your health first.

Every now and then, swap that chocolate bar for a piece of fruit, and that glass of coke for a glass of water. This will benefit you in so many ways, such as improving your skin, giving you more energy, and feeling better all round.

12. Go for a jog one evening. 

It’s amazing how going for a run can put you in such a good mood. Yes it’s hard if you have never done it before, but start slowly and push yourself, and you will come back aching, but feeling good! You feel like you have done something worthwhile, and can sit back and relax when you get in, feeling  good about yourself, and your frame of mind will be more positive than before! Really!

13. Keep a diary. 

It’s been proven that we remember negative things more than the positive, and this is such a shame. Keeping a diary, will help you to remember the good things that have happened, and when you are feeling down you can look back through it and read memories that will bring a smile to your face.

14. Have a duvet day.

What a brilliant idea, I hear you say! We all love being lazy now and again, so one weekend spend a day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yep, zero, zilch. Stay in bed and have a day of watching your favourite films, surfing the web on your laptop, or chilling to music. It will help you to completely relax, and you go back to work feeling like you have actually had break for once!

15. Get some fresh air.

Put on your winter jacket and boots, and go outside for a walk. You don’t have to be out for long, but getting just 20 minutes of fresh air, will help to clear your mind. Also there are always things to see along the way, be it a beautiful sky or flowers if your into nature, and you can always snap a few photos of your sights.

16. Clear out your wardrobe.

Admit it. You have waaay more clothes than you need, and you haven’t worn half of them in years! Get them out and sort out what you don’t want anymore. Give them to charity or sell them! You will have a lot more free room in your wardrobe, and it won’t be so stressful finding an outfit as you can actually see what you have.

I’m Just A Mouse

I’m just a quiet mouse, sitting in the corner.

Afraid to join in, scared to approach them,

I see them all laughing, and having a good time,

how I long to be a part of that, be like everybody else,

I wish I could join in, but the feeling is too much,

I cannot breathe, my heart is pounding,

what if they laugh? think that I’m strange?

They don’t want me with them, I am better off here,

away from it all, in my little corner,

I’ll stay as quiet as a mouse, thats the best thing to do.

Social anxiety sucks. Hearing people laugh near you, not speaking because you are afraid others will judge you, isolating yourself, always planning out a conversation you have to have before you have it, fear of making phone calls and answering them, eating in front of people, and making eye contact. It is all just part of a daily routine which seems like it will never go away. So many people suffer with social anxiety, me being one of them along with other issues. We are not selfish, we just never feel good enough. But you are not alone.


Rethink Campaign

I would like to talk about a subject that is very personal to me. And that is mental health. I couldn’t count the amount of times, I have been depressed, anxious or paranoid, and others have told me to just ‘change my way of thinking’ or ‘snap out of it’ I don’t wish to share my diagnosis and my story at the moment; but I have been involved with mental health professionals for several years. And if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I ever would have seen a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mental illness is so overlooked. And that really upsets me. If someone had a broken arm or a physical illness, then they receive sympathy, and because it is physically visible people notice. Mental illness is not always visible. People can’t always see what’s going on behind the exterior we put on. We’re not asking for sympathy, just for understanding and support. Imagine if someone had cancer and somebody said to them ‘it’s just cancer, stop thinking like that and you’ll be fine’ it just wouldn’t happen. So many people that have a mental illness are not believed, and are made out to be an ‘attention seeker’ and are made to feel that we are making it up and that we actually want to feel this way. This is so far from the truth. We don’t want to feel like this! It makes getting through each day so difficult, and without support and understanding it is impossible. We shouldn’t be made to feel like we can just change instantly. It is hard enough accepting the fact that we are not like everybody else and can’t think the same way, let alone with people putting us down even more and just laughing at us. It’s not fair. Society needs to change the way it views mental illnesses and stop ignoring it.

I was recently contacted and asked to sign a petition regarding stopping cuts to mental health services. This is the email I wrote to them:

Dear Monitor,

As a member of the public with an interest in the provision of mental health services, I am writing in response to the current consultation on the National Tariff Payment System 2015/16.

I would like to express my strong objection to the way the prices for mental health services next year have been calculated. Your consultation document says ‘We are setting a single efficiency factor for 2015/16 of 3.8%… based on data from acute providers, which suggested that this level of efficiency is achievable for the sector as a whole.’ (section 2.2.1, page p.83).

This means that crucial funding decisions about mental health services are being made without the right information. It is impossible to accurately assess the impact of these cuts from assumptions based on hospitals and other services. I believe these flawed methods will have a damaging affect on my local mental health services.

I am working full time and am currently seeing mental health professionals. I am trying my best to cope with daily life and am only doing this with the help of a mental health team. Making cuts would leave me back at square one.

These proposals are not fair and I would ask you to stop and reconsider your calculations. Mental health services are already struggling compared to other services and need significant investment, not blanket cuts. That is how we will achieve a truly fair system for mental health services.

Best wishes,

Lauren Green

This email was also sent to Lara Carmona. The associate director of Rethink Campaigns. This is the response I got.

Dear Lauren,

Thank you so much for joining the fight against funding cuts. We will be in touch about the outcomes of the consultation in the new year.

In the mean time, we still need your help to make sure our voices are heard. Please forward this campaign to anyone you think might have something to say. There is a template email below that you can simply forward to your friends.

With many thanks,

Lara Carmona
Associate Director – Campaigns, Policy and Innovation
Rethink Campaigns

As you can imagine I have shared this endlessly. I just want to make you all aware about mental health issues. And hope this article has opened your eyes to the reality of these issues.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


mental illnss

photo 2 copy

photo 5 copy

photo 4 copy

photo 3 copy

Poundland Make Up Review

I always pop into Poundland now and then to get some bargains!
But I had never thought of trying out their make up.
I came across their selection at the weekend, and was surprised at what a range they had. I thought why not give it a go!
I picked up several nail varnishes, lipstick, concealer and a powder.

I was really impressed with the nail varnishes, as they had such a nice selection of colours, all professional looking; and they lasted quite a while, with no chipping!
This is the colour I am currently wearing which is a deep purple.IMG_7577.JPG

I also picked up a turquoisey colour

I also picked up a concealer, which although seems light, it blends in really well, and matches my skin colour.




I needed a new light powder so I picked up this one. I am really impressed with it, and it gives an even and smooth coverage.


The lipstick I picked up, is a light pink, and is glittery which gives a really nice and girly effect.



As you can see, the casing of these products, look well designed and professional and you wouldn’t believe these can be found in a pound shop!
I would definitely recommend these products, for a £1 you can’t get any better!

H&M Review

On average I’d say I spend between £40-90 a month on clothing from H&M.

Their products are always in style, up to date with the fashion trends, and really quite a reasonable price.

I buy an awful lot of dresses from them, starting at just £7.99 they really are suitable for every day wear and evening wear. With their many accessories and shoes to choose from, you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.

Here are some of my recent purchases:

This simple denim look dress, can be worn as an every day dress, or you could add a chunky necklace, and some bangles to it, to wear in the evening.


This coral dress is perfect for the summer! Wear it with a pair of sandals, or block heels for the evening. Adding some simple jewellery to this outfit would make it stand out just that little bit more.


I recently came across this lightweight, thin cardigan, and a matching skirt, which I love the colour of! These look great with a plain white top, and a chunky necklace to give it a classy look.


This dress has been worn quite a lot lately. It is perfect for the winter, as it is long sleeved, and the material is thick. I wear this with thick black tights, chunky black heels, and normally a gold chunky necklace to spice it up a bit!


H&M is always my first place to go, to look for new dresses and every day clothing. With their reasonable prices and their wonderful range, who can go wrong?

Did You Know?


So as I am gaining friends and followers here in WordPress, I would like to share some weird and interesting facts about myself for your viewing and feedback.
Also it would be cool if you could share ten facts about yourself too! ☺️

1. I have never been able to whistle, and have tried endlessly

2. I was overweight as a child and am now underweight and am unable to gain anything even though I can eat atrociously large amounts

3. My left shoulder is dislocated and has been for 6 years, it is unable to go back into place properly

4. I am obsessed with always having big hair, due to my rather large eyes and looking like some sort of alien if I have flat hair

5. I have a scar on my left hand due to a canoeing incident when I was younger

6. I have appeared in several music videos (nothing big – unsigned artists)

7. My eyes are a dark hazel but go ridiculously bright green in the summer

8. My tattoos have all been drawn up and designed by myself

9. I have had insomnia for several years and no sleeping tablet or remedy seems to work

10. I used to have a severe addiction to monster energy drinks, and had major withdrawal symptoms when I finally stopped drinking them.