Dead Sea Purifying Clay Face Mask Review

I recently went to Superdrug as usual.

I  literally go there every week now and spend loads of money on their products, as they are amazing!

I fancied treating my skin and getting a face mask to use one evening whilst relaxing.

I chose the Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask as it is designed for blemish prone skin, which I suffer with.

After a long and stressful day at work I decided that tonight would be face mask night, to help me relax and leave my skin feeling refreshed.

I massaged into my skin and left on for 10 minutes. I always find it difficult to avoid my lips and eyes, and can never apply it without getting it in my hair and all over my mouth, but never mind!

The mask smelt like lemon, and after washing it off, my skin felt moisturised and fresh and I kept looking in the mirror as my blemishes actually seemed to die down instantly and were much less visible!

This face mask was Superdrugs own and was an amazing 99p but to make it even better it was on a 3 for 2 offer so I also picked up two other gorgeous face masks!

I am such a fan of these masks as they smell absolutely amazing! And I can always see such a visible result straight after use. They also always leave my skin looking and feeling amazing for days after.

It is nice to use a product which actually lasts for a while longer, and gives you such great benefits.

Look out for these masks when your next in store or purchase my latest try – Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

Thanks Superdrug!


15 thoughts on “Dead Sea Purifying Clay Face Mask Review

  1. Persia Karema says:

    Oh, damn! I wish I had read this earlier! Today, I placed my online order (because I’m lazy) of Superdrug own brand Tea Tree products, but wasn’t sure about these. Guess I’d better get some cardio in. Thanks for the tip!

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