Colour Me March

What is Colour Me March?

“In 2015 Cheltenham Racecourse is looking to bring colour to The Festival. From hats to shoes, to scarves to nails, it’s all about colour on Ladies Day. For the first time ever colour at The Festival will be celebrated and judged via social media only.”

I am so excited that the weather is getting warmer, so I don’t have to wear a million and one layers now!

Unfortunately due to work I can’t attend this event which I am gutted about!

But if I did attend this is what I would wear:

These items are from H&M which I am a huge fan of!

I would complete this outfit with a pair of brown jewelled sandals and a cute little shoulder bag.

You can find out more about his awesome event here!

You can also follow #ColourMeMarch on twitter for the latest news and updates and even find inspiration for your own outfit!

Remember this event is on the 11th March! Why not check it out?

Whilst I’m here, I may as well share this site that I came across recently – innovative licensing & promotion, inc. They have great tips and advice for selling your invention and methods of marketing and I found it really useful!


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