The Obsession With Video Games

Video games are an unhealthy part of our entertainment and the popularity of it, is rapidly increasing. 

How many kids do you know, lock themselves away in their room to play video games? And aren’t at all bothered about the lack of social interaction that they are missing out on.

I have never owned an Xbox or a Playstation, but I did own Gameboys and a Nintendo DSI. 

By using these devices constantly I also used to hide from social interaction, and missed out on a lot of things because I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen. It is a very unhealthy addiction.

Then again it is typical for teenagers.

Some people grow out of this, and eventually lose interest, but others carry it on into late adulthood.

My partner has always been a fan of the Xbox. I count myself lucky though as he doesn’t have his eyes constantly glued to it, and only plays it when he has a day off, if I am working. 

He is a fan of Assassins Creed, and Grand Theft Auto.

Both these games actually interest me and I can sit and happily watch him play without being bored. I do see the attraction to playing these video games, as the graphics are pretty amazing, and the storyline and aims of playing are pretty awesome. 

What I don’t understand is how people completely cut themselves off from daily life, and miss going out and socialising with friends and family, to sit at home playing a game and ‘socialising’ with virtual friends.

That’s what puzzles me.

I guess this is how depressives can be seen, by not enjoying real life interaction, and isolating themselves from the rest of the world. 

But then again I’m sure many people who are addicted to video games are quite happy, and still have constant and positive interaction with others. 

My partner is 26 today and he has been kinda brilliant lately. He recently said one day he will treat himself and buy an Xbox One. He has also been talking non stop about a game called ‘Ryse’ don’t ask..

I have been shown the trailer at least 50 times, and whilst I must admit that the graphics in this game are pretty damn amazing! It is not something I would sit and play myself.

I thought instead of doing the usual for his birthday, which would be a meal and a hotel for the night, and buying aftershave and loads of clothes that he’ll probably never wear; why not splash out and get him something he wants more than anything. 

Aww bless, it’s like he’s a kid all over again!

So being the awesome girlfriend I am, I went out and bought him an Xbox One and that bloody game..

Ladies and gents, don’t tell him I told you this, but he cried. 

He sat there for a good ten minutes with a look of shock on his face, then hugged the xbox, and started jumping around holding the game; and he then threw his arms around me and nearly suffocated me!

I think I can safely say he is extremely happy!

Now I better have some peace and quiet for the next few months at least!


16 thoughts on “The Obsession With Video Games

  1. grhambley says:

    Excellent piece! It isn’t just video games. I think the video game is just the major attraction in the tuned out genre.

    I did a couple pieces that are relative to what you’ve written. See what you think. I have a third piece in the memory vault that falls in to the same category and even thinking about it as I leave you this note I just wanna slap him awake!


  2. xsoulxonfirex says:

    That’s an awesome story! He’s extremely lucky to have you.

    As a partner to my gaming girlfriend, I have to vouch for the gaming world just a little bit. Sometimes it can be very addicting and often more times than not without balance you can become a shut in and completely oblivious to the world around you.

    Now, the positive story… or at least how I see it.
    My girlfriend has been gaming since the 1st grade. Not because she was the type of kid who had to have the newest system or game, but because her parents introduced her to the systems in a way to keep her quiet. They never really had interest in social interaction with her so they gave her the games to keep her pacified and out of the way. Now as an adult she remains a gamer due to the memory of having the system as the only way to find social connection to her parents. I know it’s a depressing story but she is a perfectly functioning adult with a bit of a sad background who despite having video games as a parent turned out to be a pretty wonderful human being.

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  3. desperateramblings says:

    Brilliant, what a lovely thing to do. My partner is totally gripped by Assassins Creed and like you, I am in awe of the graphics and enjoy watching him play for a while but have no desire for it myself. He only plays on his days off too. I cannot complain as my head is almost constantly in my laptop doing stuff like this anyway! lol

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