Fancy A New Hair Colour For Just £1?

I despise paying out lots of money for things I need all the time.
Take hair dye for example. I had been dying my hair red for years, and it is only the past year I have reverted it back to dark brown. But still the colour fades and I end up with the red tint back. It seems impossible to get rid of.
I normally go to Superdrug or Boots and get a box of dye, which is usually around £7-11.
Dying my hair is something I have to do every 6 weeks or so and I always need two boxes as my hair is so thick.
So I am spending near enough £20 every 6 weeks on dying my hair, and that’s because I choose to save money and do it from home!
Now this isn’t a huge amount, but if your on a budget, you will always be looking for a cheaper alternative.

To get your hair coloured in a salon, will cost you £40+ and that’s without a wash and cut!
Spending this much every 6 weeks would end up costing you a fortune over the years!
I am always looking for ways to save money, and recently I was in my local Poundland, when I came across their hair dye selection.
Now I knew they offered a lot of hair products but I didn’t know they sold hair dye.
In all honesty they didn’t have a wide  selection. They had some bright colours such as pink and blue, and a small selection of brown and black.

To my luck the brown they offered was a dark shade and was the colour I was looking for!
So I picked up a couple of boxes and bought them.

I dyed my hair last night, and was quite wary it wouldn’t come out a nice colour, or it would leave my hair in an awful condition.
But to my surprise it couldn’t have worked better!

I am really happy with colour, and I managed to go from a faded brown/red to a beautiful dark brown for just £2! (for two boxes)

This is a must try!

hairdyebrown hair


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