My Fave January Beauty Products

With Christmas over and well out the way, I have enough gift sets and beauty products to last me all year! Not that I’m complaining of course. I have enough body butters, moisturisers and bath sets to open up my own shop! This gives me a perfect opportunity to try them all out and write reviews which I LOVE!

I have also been daring and bought some new products which I COULDN’T WAIT to try out.

1. I’ll start off with my new facial moisturiser. My skin is very dry, and I am always reaching for my moisturiser. Especially with this cold weather making it TEN times worse. I picked up this cute little tube of ‘Nivea Daily Essentials, Rich Moisturising Day Cream’ from… believe it or not, my local CO-OP!  This cream is specifically for dry and sensitive skin. And I have to say it works a treat! It was surprisingly cheap and didn’t cost more than a couple of pounds. For such a bargain I am extremely impressed! This moisturiser actually lasts all day, from when I put it on in the morning, to when I get home at night. It relieves my skin from its dryness, and leaves it feeling refreshed and glowing. This was definitely a good buy for me!

photo 1

2. Next is ‘Loreal Paris’ Matt & Messy, Shine Free Salt Spray’ this product is meant to give your hair a tousled look. My hair is naturally wavy so I thought using this product would add more body and waves to it. I was not wrong. It comes in a small bottle, and a strong spray. I only needed to squirt it a couple of times onto my hair to get the effect. I sprayed onto my roots and ruffled my hair, whilst twisting some bits of hair around my finger. And immediately my hair had that ‘just off the beach’ look. I was expecting my hair to feel greasy, and for it to be visible that there is product in it, but it didn’t leave a trace of texture or greasiness, which is BRILLIANT of course! This is definitely a must try!


3. I was bought a ‘Ted Baker London’ gift set which included a tiny bottle of perfume and a body wash. I don’t need to tell you how amazing they both smelled! I mean come on, it’s Ted Baker.. It’s going to be good.


4. Next up is MUA’s ‘Out There Plumping Lip Gloss’ in shade – buff. Man is this stuff good! You can feel your lips tingling the minute you put it on, and immediately your lips look fuller, glossier and simply irresistible. This is my number one daily lip gloss, and I am constantly wearing it. It lasts for hours, and the shade I chose is a nude colour with a hint of pink which makes your lips look kissable at all times! I plan to stock up on this lip gloss and always have it at reach!

photo 3

5. I am LOVING this shade of nail varnish from MUA’s range called ‘Red Rose’ its absolutely gorgeous! I have always been a fan of their products, and this nail varnish is on my daily beauty list!

photo 5

6. I decided to give Loreal Paris’ New Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Cream’ a go, as my hair is naturally wavy and is completely out of control unless throughly straightened and hair-sprayed; and this tamed my hair tremendously!

 photo 4

So these are my January beauty must haves! I am extremely pleased with these products!


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