My Healthy Foods Of The Day

My healthy eating is really going well! I am surprised how easy it is for me to stick to it! I thought I would really struggle and be craving chocolate and sugar all the time. But I have managed to substitute a can of coke and a bar of chocolate for a sugar free carton of fruit juice or water and a piece of fruit.
I have been making the effort to make myself lunch every day instead of grabbing something unhealthy from the local shop.

Here is what I had yesterday.


As you can see I had a chocolate flavoured Weetabix drink for breakfast which is packed full of protein, energy and fibre! And oh my goodness it tastes amazing! Literally amazing! Along with a Tescos’s healthy living strawberry and apple cereal bar.

This filled me up for a couple hours, until I had my late morning snack which was a banana.
For lunch I made myself a grilled chicken salad, which was delicious!
I had drunk nearly a litre of water by lunch time.
In the afternoon I had a packet or orange drops (which are one of your five a day!)
When I got in I had some cranberry and raspberry juice, chicken stir fry for dinner, and snacked on grapes in the evening.
It really does feel amazing to know that your eating healthily!
Not only had it given me energy and improved my skin, but I feel like a better person. I feel happier and now look forward to my meals knowing that they are balanced and full of goodness!



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