An Update On My Healthy Eating Promise

I just wanted to share my progress with you all regarding my healthy eating plan.
I made a promise to myself that I would drink a litre of water a day, have my five a day, and actually have breakfast, lunch and dinner, instead of just snacking throughout the day without having proper meals.

So did I stick to my promise..
*Drum roll please*

YES! I have been good!
I wasn’t sure if I could actually stick to it or not, but I have been strict on myself and my diet has improved so many things!

I never have time for breakfast, so I now bring a banana into work and eat that when I get in, along with either a Special K chocolate and raspberry cereal bar, or an Alpen coconut cereal bar, and an innocent smoothie. Mmm! This normally keeps me going until lunch time, which then I will either have a chicken salad sandwich, pasta or soup.
If I feel peckish between lunch and dinner, I will have a small pot of either grapes or raspberries.
For dinner I have been having chicken casseroles, mixed veg pasta bakes, vegetable stir fry, or something other than pizza and chips!
I don’t usually have pudding, but if I am still hungry after dinner (which is rare) I will have some jelly or another piece of fruit.

I can’t say it’s been easy! I do miss my chocolate but I can safely say that my skin has improved and has cleared up tremendously!
I do a big Tesco’s shop every month, and normally I will buy all the £1 chocolate bargains, such as big bars of galaxy (that were gone the same night) and multi packs of sweets.
Now if get a craving for chocolate or something sugary I will have a piece of fruit (I know they still contain sugar but it counts towards my five a day and has to be better than junk!)

I also read somewhere that raspberries can help to relieve symptoms of depression, so I have been stocking up! And along with many other lifestyle changes I have made, surprisingly I do feel better in myself and feel a bit happier than before.

I have finally listened to doctors and friends, and have started to take care of myself. Improving my diet has given me my energy back, helped my skin improve, and made me feel better all round!


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