What My Lunch Breaks Typically Consist Of

The featured image pretty much sums up my lunch break. When the clock hits 1′ I pop over to the shop to get a magazine, drink, sweets and lunch if I haven’t brought that in; and I will lock myself away for an hour.
I’ll flick through a magazine, to see the latest gossip, get inspiration for new posts, check my horoscope (even though I don’t really believe in them) read reality stories, look at new make up and read the reviews.

Flicking through a magazine, immediately puts me in a good mood, and my love for writing is increased due to all the new information I am taking in, and admiring other writers style of writing.
My sandwich is usually gone by half 11 (I know) even though I typically have a banana, cereal bar and a smoothie for breakfast, it just never seems enough!
So when it gets to my official lunch break, after eating the remainder of my lunch, and finishing flicking through a magazine, I will open up a can or bottle of something sugary and unhealthy, have a cigarette, and start writing a new blog post.
I will then start complaining about how my hair got in such a state, drag a brush through it, add a light powder to my face, and re apply my lip gloss. After doing so I will drench myself in body spray or perfume (whatever I have in my bag) doing the classic spin of course to make sure I am covered in the scent..
And voila! I can then sit down and dread my lunch break being over and having to go back to work!

I have particular routines at work that I always stick to without a doubt. Such as having a coffee at a certain time, going for a cigarette at a certain time, re-doing hair/make up at a certain time, and doing the circle of the office, talking to colleagues at certain times. There is no need for routines because I can take my lunch break when I please, and my place of work is not strict, but I guess it’s a shows a slight symptom of OCD, having to do things in a routine, because if I had to change it for any reason, I would feel disorientated and thrown off like I have done when my routine was messed up before.

But I do enjoy my lunch breaks, only half the day to go!


4 thoughts on “What My Lunch Breaks Typically Consist Of

  1. nearlywes says:

    You kind of described my lunch break haha except instead of a magazine its a book and I just read.
    Other coworkers: Are you ok Wes? Are you angry? Why are you not talking?
    Me: No just reading this awesome book…what’s with all the question, nosey bastards!!

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