How To Relieve Heartburn

I get really irritated by unnecessary pains. For example if I have a headache or a stomachache and there is no reason for it, and it has just come on randomly, I actually get angry for having the pointless pain. You wonder why you are suffering and it ruins your day. Last night I was suffering with severe heartburn. I tried to sleep it off so I couldn’t feel the pain anymore but when it hurts that much, it is impossible to get to sleep.

I frantically searched the web for quick cures and to my surprise there are several that actually worked for me. Not everyone’s bodies will react in the same way, but next time you are suffering with heartburn try these tips and see if they will work for you like they did with me:

1. Antacids don’t always work for me. But start off by taking one or two, such as Rennie. As these are the most common cure.

2. Take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it with a glass of water and drink. This helps neutralise stomach acid. This has worked most effectively with me.

3. Sit upright. This keeps the acid in the stomach and when laying down it will make the heartburn worse.

4. Drink a glass of milk. This will wash the acid down, and you will feel a cooling sensation, helping to ease the pain.

5. Eat a banana. This will raise the PH for stomach content and lower acidity levels.

6. Chewing a price of sugar free gum helps get rid of the acid build up.

I know these tips won’t help everyone, but give them a try next time you are suffering with heartburn and see what works for you.


6 thoughts on “How To Relieve Heartburn

  1. Kurt Struble says:

    if you know you’re going to
    eat something that’s going to give you
    heartburn take a prilosec a
    half hour before eating … baking soda is
    great and i love those satisfying
    burps … but they DO taste and
    smell bad … but you know when you drink that
    glass of disgusting tasting water, within minutes
    your suffering will be GONE …. myth re: milk … lactic acid ??? ok,
    milk is acidic but what the hell if it makes your
    tummy feel good then … go for it …. don’t eat too close to
    going to bed because of the lying down
    feature …. BUT cookies in the
    middle of the night are ok … unless you ALREADY have
    heartburn at which time you have to raid the
    refrigerator for the Arm and Hammer …. god … I hate
    fucking heartburn … it is one of the most destructive
    forces in the universe … especially if a refrigerator isn’t
    available … ks oh … and thanks for stopping by … i just deleted 250 posts because of a bad attitude but maybe i’ll be selective and reuse some of them … ks

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    • laurensaysitall says:

      I’m quite good with my eating and never eat anything that gives me heartburn, sometimes it just brings itself on 😞 and yes baking soda with water doesn’t tast very nice at all but it does the trick! I agree! Heartburn is just horrible!
      I look forward to your future posts! Thank you for sharing your wisdom ☺️


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