Why Is It So Difficult To Buy Gifts For Men?

This question has always been something that has puzzled me. Buying gifts for other women, I have no problem with. I will always find something. It’s not that women are easily pleased because let’s face it, we women like to have a moan now and then, and when we have something in mind, if it’s not spot on them we are disappointed; however hard we try not to show it. Men on the other hand, their minds work in a different way. If they need something new, they will immediately go out and get it. The thought of traipsing round a shopping mall just to browse and see what they ‘could’ need confuses them.

The majority of men will see a shopping trip as a chore and would think it is the worst possible thing they could be doing in that moment of time. Men are more practical in this sense, as they won’t go shopping for no reason, without what they actually need to get in their mind. Women can make shopping a social event. Meeting up with friends, browsing stores, stopping for a coffee or a bit of lunch, and then carrying on. It could be a whole day event and we wouldn’t have a problem with it. I am speaking here for the majority of women, I know everyone is different. 

Recently I went out to meet up with a friend for a coffee in my local shopping centre, and ended up coming home 4 hours later with 6 items of jewellery, a new pair of jeans, a jumper and a pair of shoes. I can’t explain how that happened.

The plan was to meet up briefly for a drink, but whilst walking through the centre, I just couldn’t help but pop into one or two shops. Especially when there are huge sale stickers in their window! If I didn’t go in, I would have missed out on huge savings right? Men do not get distracted as easily in this sense. They are more practical thinkers and will have the willpower to tell themselves that they do not need anything new. Their wardrobe typically consists of clothing for all seasons of the year, and they will re-wear items as often as they please. I know girls that can’t even wear the same dress twice! This is why our wardrobes consists of much larger amounts of clothing, as we get bored of what we have so insist on stocking up. Most men aren’t into fashion a great deal, and will just wear whatever fits them and is comfortable. This is why when we go shopping to buy a gift for a man in our lives, we struggle. What do they need? Everything he wants he has bought already.. They don’t always try new things, for example if we were to buy an item of clothing that is really in style they may then turn their nose, as they are not as into following the trends as women are. It is hard to know what to buy a man, whilst putting a lot of thought into it. So we tend to go for aftershave, a watch maybe? Or a new DVD. It just seems thoughtless, but we do try I promise!


9 thoughts on “Why Is It So Difficult To Buy Gifts For Men?

  1. crumblesaway says:

    I’ve found the opposite to be true. Most of my male friend are musicians or artists and are super easy to buy for. If you have a friend that loves comic books, well you have about an infinite number of comics you can go buy. But MOST of my female friends aren’t as obsessed with obscure references to pop culture, or out of print records (though some are). Like the items you listed – jewelery, jeans, a jumper, and shoes – are hard for a guy to pick out for a woman unless she says “I want these shoes in this size” or something. Otherwise there’s much you can get wrong with clothing and jewelery, from size to style.

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  2. mihrank says:

    Ms. Lauren – My sister enjoys reading your page…My question how do create difficult titles!

    There is no “go to” gift for men. While there are some men who are passionate about a gift associated endeavor, we aren’t like women (duh, I know, but stick with me). At the risk of sounding flippant, men have an easier time. If nothing else comes to mind, a trip to the jewelry store rarely bombs. To wit: for one of my wife’s birthdays, she requested that we row our double shell in a marathon regatta in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and that’s what we did. All 26.2 miles of it. Remember, she asked to do this.


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