Mario Kart – Wii Review

I have always been a fan of the Wii. It started off with Wii sports (mainly the bowling and boxing) and then I started playing on it daily.
From Wii Fit to Just Dance it was something I looked forward to doing after school or work.
I recently purchased Mario Kart as it had brilliant reviews and sounded like something I would enjoy. The game is aimed at children, but it suitable for all ages.
After starting the first race, I realised I had played it many times before over at a friends house; I just never realised what game it was.
The first time I played this game after I had bought it, before I knew it 3 hours had gone by. I got so into it and was completely addicted within that short space of time.
You can play on your own in the ‘Grand Prix’ to unlock other races, or you can play against friends just to compete and take part. This game is annoyingly good, as once you start playing you just can’t stop.

If you are playing with friends you could play on this game all night, determined to beat your opponent.
Especially as you know if you win at certain races you can unlock new cars, characters and races.
I have always been a game lover and have an addictive personality, meaning if I enjoy something new, it will become habit and part of my routine. 
With this game you need the Wii ‘wheel’ and you can just pop the Wii remote into the wheel, and there you go! You are behind the wheel of a racing car of your choice!
When driving through races you can pick up a box which enables you a temporary boost or something to make the other players fall behind.
For example you can get a ‘bullet’ which shoots you through the lap without you having to do anything, and bumps you up to a higher place (such as first or second) you can also get shells which you can throw at other players to trip them up; aswell as getting a mushroom which gives you a speed boost.

The whole game is about completing the race the fastest, whilst doing everything you can to avoid the tricks up the other players sleeves (and using your own tricks of course).

This game is highly addictive and so much fun! It’s good for kids and adults and I would definitely recommend it!


10 thoughts on “Mario Kart – Wii Review

  1. Funding Help says:

    My wife loves this game! She has unlocked every car and has beat almost every ghost in the time trials. I;m not the gamer type at all, but she insisted that I race her. Now, we play this game at least once a week. Does playing Mario Karts once a week make me a gamer?

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  2. xoxolovedee says:

    I have an unhealthy obsession with this game. I play it online during the day when my kiddies nap. I know I should be doing some form of housework, but it’s a great way to de-stress. Don’t tell my hubby!! 🙂

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