Motivational Monday: Why You Are Right To Hate Mondays

Egh it’s Monday again. I have written a post before ranting about my hate for the how quick the weekends are over. It really is awful when you have a couple of days off but can’t really enjoy them because you know it never lasts long, and you will be back at work before you know it. You can just about bare the other days of the week, but Mondays.. You just can’t take to them. You are not alone.

Here are some reasons why you are absolutely right to hate them!

1. There’s nothing to look forward to at all. The weekend seems a million miles away and it’s as if there are so many more days in the week by the time you can reach the end. Your alarm goes off in the morning, and you try to hide from it for as long as you can. The snooze button is hit endlessly until you really do have to get up. You pull the covers over your head and hide from the world but unfortunately it doesn’t last. The traffic is awful and you are scowling the whole way to work.

2. Your colleagues all seem to have had a better weekend than you, and insist on showing you photos of the family. You have to spend your morning listening to every detail of their weekend, including what time they done their food shop, each phone call they had, and how long they spent cleaning the house. Snoreee.

3. Nothing interesting ever happens. The day is spent catching up on everything that seems to magically have happened over the weekend. You have to make more phone calls than ever before and lunch time can’t come quick enough.

4. You feel like crap. Isn’t it funny how you always seem to feel ill on a Monday? Lack of sleep, eating too much, or had a few too many? You just feel over tired and exhausted before the working week has really begun. That big black cloud hangs over your head all day, and you can’t seem to get rid of it.

5. There are always overly enthusiastic people. They walk past your office and shout out ‘Good morning!’ whilst you want to throw your computer screen at them. Why are they so happy? Do they not realise that it’s Monday?

The truth is.. Mondays will always be horrible. We will never like them and they will always suck. All we can do is try our very hardest to change our attitude, and make plans for the weekend that you will actually look forward to and enjoy. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your weekend and spending it doing nothing more than the food shopping and cleaning. It will make the weekend seem boring and pointless. Give yourself something to look forward to, and try to take your mind off things as much as you can. The day will only be as bad as you make it. Try something fun and different and it may go quicker than you think.


11 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Why You Are Right To Hate Mondays

  1. jessmbaum says:

    It’s all in how you look at it. I love Mondays, the possibilities are endless. You get to start fresh and look forwards to accomplishing something. If you don’t wish to hate them, maybe it’s just your mindset. They don’t have to suck. But if you have to have a day to hate I guess Monday is as good as any. haha


  2. wgr56 says:

    Just try to imagine how much more you’ll hate them when you’re three decades older. By then you will have experienced over 1,500 more Mondays than you have now, and every one of them will suck more than the one that came before. I wish I could paint a rosier picture, but you’ve already reached the correct conclusion, and that you’ve managed to do so at such a tender age is indeed impressive.

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  3. Dagny Gromer says:

    I used to get depressed on Sunday nights, because I know what was next: Monday morning. Then I retired, and one Sunday night a few months later I realized that it was Sunday night and I was _not_ depressed! My husband, who retired a couple of years before I did, said he noticed the difference.

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