The Difference Between Geeks And Nerds

I have always wondered the difference between the stereotypes of ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’. Some people use these terms often as an insult to call a friend if they are behaving a certain way. I’ve certainly been called a geek before; just for spending time refreshing my designing skills.
The way I can differentiate between the two is that geeks are typically known to be casual dressers, caffeine lovers, and creative people. Nerds are different in the way that they have a fascination with academics, can be smarter dressers, and have an interest in science.

If these differences are right that means I am a typical geek and that I would fit right into the stereotype.
Glasses for reading, jeans, converses, funny t shirts, macbook, coffee lover. That is what you could say sums me up.

There are so many stereotypes out there such as grungers and emos (which people also confuse) that people tend to judge someone just by looking at them for a split second. Stereotypes in my opinion are a lazy way to view someone without taking the time to get to know them and find out more. It is a shame really as we are missing opportunities, by building friendships and learning by judging someone by the way they look.
If everyone was more open minded they could see people’s inner self, and wouldn’t be so quick to shove them into a ‘category’ this is something that happens far too often.

by their appearance.


11 thoughts on “The Difference Between Geeks And Nerds

  1. wgr56 says:

    I always thought geeks had more technological savvy than nerds, whereas nerds were more socially awkward. I think we’ll always have labels or one sort or another, and I see geek and nerd as less harmful than a lot of the others. For example, I’m typing this reply on a MacBook Pro while sipping coffee, I’m not the least bit offended that you just called me a geek!

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  2. desperateramblings says:

    Well said indeed Laurensaysitall. Wise words for sure. Never ever judge a book by its cover, such a true saying. Just a shame, as you say, that so many people cannot and will not take the time to see the person.


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