The Real Meaning Of Gender Equality

Men and women have always been led to believe different things. The way they should act, and things they should do. Even how they should feel. For example if a man shows an emotion such as sadness, he will be told to man up or to grow a pair and that man will be made to feel abnormal for feeling that emotion, and be unable to open up and express his feelings in the future.

If a man was to fight for custody of his child then he would have to prove that there is something wrong with the mother, and that she is in an unfit state to take care of the child. Men have little parental rights. If a child is unwell at school and has to be sent home, then the mother is the first person that the school will call, not the father. Why is this? Each parent could be at work so why is it the mother that has to miss out on pay instead of the father? It is just a natural instinct that the mother is to be called first, due to the emotional and weak side of the female that we have all believed to be the ‘nature’ of females? The way they are? Men care just as much about their children don’t they? so why are they being put last. That brings me to my next point. Men have been led to believe that they must bring the highest income into the household, and that they should provide for their family. That’s not equal. Why are women any less able to work and earn money than men? Men can feel emasculated if they don’t earn more money than their partner and they can feel like they have failed.

When it comes to sexual activity, if women are less sexually expressive the men, then we are called frigid and uptight. Yet if we were to sleep with someone we are not in a relationship with then we get called slags or whores. But of course if a man has a one night stand or acts promiscuous then people look up to him like a god. He gets high fived by his friends and men act like he is a great role model and want to be like him. Yet women are seen as disgusting for doing the same. Where is the sense in that? Women are said to be more sensitive than men, and you won’t often see a man shouting at a women the way he would a man. Women are said to be more vulnerable. Yet if a woman shouts at a man or is even physically abusive then people would say ‘well the man must have done something horrible or started it’ the man would get the blame for the woman’s  actions, and would not be able to defend himself as it is highly frowned upon if not illegal if a man is aggressive to a woman. Women are much more self conscious about their body and the way they view themselves than men are. If a woman shows she is uncomfortable in her own skin, then she tends to get more support and is made to feel better about herself. Yet if a man is uncomfortable with his body, he would receive little sympathy and made to feel less macho for being self conscious. The truth is, we are all sensitive in our own ways, and at the moment we are not equal. It is said that a women can hold a grudge forever, whilst a man can just get over things. But do we know what is really going on, on the inside? Maybe a woman is seen to hold a grudge for longer and be more stubborn because she is dealing with her problems externally and has no issue with displaying her emotions and true feelings. Whilst a man could act like he is not bothered on the outside and play an act; but on the inside his mind may never rest, and he could be avoiding dealing with the matter in hand, making it worse in the long term. We are different. There are pros and cons for being a man or a woman but why can’t we be equal?


6 thoughts on “The Real Meaning Of Gender Equality

  1. JF says:

    After 80 years of living in different countries and visiting more than 50 countries I wonder what does it mean to be equal for people who ARE DIFFERENT? Is not it better to be loved, respected, to be partners? My father had 2 brothers and about 20 cousins. They were not EQUAL! Each of them was unique and had his own way in life.


    • laurensaysitall says:

      I believe we are all unique and all should be treated equally. It does not matter what gender a person is and it’s a shame that men and women are treated differently. A woman is not less capable of a job opportunity than a man and should not be paid less. Whilst a man should not feel like he should hide his emotions because ‘men shouldn’t express their feelings’ we live in a society where behaviour is just expected of males and females and if anyone acts any different it is seen as ‘abnormal’


  2. Dagny Gromer says:

    There are differences between men and women. But different does not imply one is in any way better than the other. Societies assign us different roles, which are much more flexible today than they were for our great-grandparents. And I feel there is far more variability within each gender than older social roles allow for, but again this is changing.

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