Toys From The 90’s

The 90’s. The years I grew up in. Even though I am still young and my parents tell me how different things were for them when they were young, I still say the same to kids in this generation. That they have no idea how lucky they are to grow up with the technology they have. Kids these days have phones from ridiculous ages, and can play computer games better than they can spell. When I was growing up, we had a computer, a great big bulky thing, and if we wanted to use the internet we would have to unplug the phone line. It would then take ages to connect to the internet making an awful loud screeching noise in the process. And my parents would give me a time limit of an hour; and after that time I would have to get off of the computer so they could plug the phone line back in. I didn’t have a mobile phone until I was 14, but I did have a gameboy which was all I used to play on. My other main toys were not electronical. This included the cats’ cradle, the slinky, my little pony, ty beanie baby’s, the 3D view master and many, many more items. The images that follow pretty much sum up my childhood: phcxcccoto 4 phvfsfoto 5 phrefdoto 5 phoxcxcto 4 photocz 3 photosdreg 2 photxcxcxo 2 phoxccxto 3 photocxcx 4 photo 5 photo 4 photoccx 5 photo fsfsfs photo 3 photo fsfs1 photo 2fs photo 2 photccccco 1 phcxcxoto 1 phcxcoto 3 phooikjmto 1 phoerfgto 5 phdsdhoto 3 Who else remembers these items? At the time they seemed so cool! Looking back now, it seems weird to think that they were all the entertainment I had. And now technology just comes naturally to kids and they take it for granted.


25 thoughts on “Toys From The 90’s

  1. allthingstibetan2014 says:

    I think growing up in the. 90’s allowed me to have a childhood. Playing with other kids, sharing our toys, reading comics and books, and actually having conversations — those were the stuff of the 90’s childhood experience. Kids these days prefer to sit holed up by themselves before the TV or on their smartphones/tablets.

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  2. saadia peerzada says:

    I still love pokemon 😀 :p
    Confession alert: I watched it till last year 6 seasons on the count :p pikachu, bulbasaur, totodile and charazard are/were my faves. Well, I can go on forever. Hope I am not chattering on and on. :p
    What’s your favorite lauren

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  3. letslearnwithfun says:

    At that time I had a computer which was drowned from wallpaper to the screen saver and icons in barbie. My father used to be very irritated because of barbie and when anything bad happened to the pc he used to tell me that it happened because of the barbie games I play:-D now I cant even stand pinky stuff:-p

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