What To Write In A Birthday Or Christmas Card To Make It More Personal

It’s that time of year again. Either it’s Christmas or your loved ones birthday.
I don’t know about everybody else, but to me the card is the most important part of the gift. The words in the card, the meaning behind it and the warm feeling that makes you smile.
Especially if someone has written in their own words. It just makes it so much more personal and brings a huge smile to your face which is hard to wipe off.

I’m not normally a cheesy person, but when it comes to cards I like to make the effort and bring a personal touch. I think this is much better than just signing your name at the bottom under a bunch of words that were put in there for you.
When writing my own for my other half, I tend to sum up the year. Just a few words of events since the year before, any troubles that were overcome, and what I am looking forward to. I think this is nice, as it brings back memories and can allow you to smile, knowing you’ve made it through another year and you have much more to look forward to.

When it comes to a birthday card for a specific age (for example a 21st birthday) I tend to make a customised card, included with photos of the person the card is for.
My friend recently turned 21. I made the card myself using InDesign, and added quotes used by her over the years, photos I had since we had been friends, and wrote something inside which I knew would make her laugh. She said she wouldn’t dream of ever throwing the card away, (which most people do after they have read it) as it meant so much to her that I had put the time in to do that.
I just think it’s nice when someone cares enough about you to put feelings into words.
If you don’t usually bother with cards, and just get something plain for a loved one, I would recommend trying this. Either make the card yourself or buy a card with no words and write your own in. Make it personal for you both, and see the reaction you get. I can guarantee they will be over the moon, and they will appreciate your effort an awful lot.


11 thoughts on “What To Write In A Birthday Or Christmas Card To Make It More Personal

  1. batteredhope says:

    I completely agree. I always write as much as possible to make the necessary impact. I want the recipient to know that the thoughts in the card are MY thoughts – not just some unknown person who has the gift of words. Thank you for bringing this to our attention

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  2. tribalmysticstories says:

    Great idea/post. I always make my own cards. Cards are special. When my brother died five years ago, one of the things my mother and I found in his packed belongings were all the cards I had made and given him over the years.


  3. mihrank says:


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    · May all of your dreams come true.

    · Warm wishes on your birthday and always.


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