Getting Drunker Than Necessary At Casual Events

I was looking through my Facebook page the other day at the pages I have liked. One in particular made me laugh.
‘getting drunker than necessary at casual events.’
A few years ago this was me all over. If I was to go a friends family event this would always be the case. A casual event where alcohol was present, I would always end up drinking more than necessary. When we was all 15-16 years old, it felt rebellious to have a drink of alcohol, so we always went overboard because we knew we shouldn’t, and that we couldn’t do it often.
Now I am older I barely ever have alcohol, unless I am in a pub, but still I will only have a glass or two. Back in my younger days it was ‘funny’ and ‘cool’ to drink more than we should.
It’s strange how times change, and things that you once saw as cool, are now just average and part of life. That’s the difference between being young and trying to get away with things you can’t usually, and being older and of a legal age, and them things seeming more boring.


6 thoughts on “Getting Drunker Than Necessary At Casual Events

  1. wgr56 says:

    I think the key to drinking is to focus on quality over quantity. Not only does it taste better, but also costs a lot more, so you won’t drink as much unless you happen to be a corporate CEO or something of that ilk.

    And lastly — belatedly — I’ll raise a glass of fine single-malt scotch in your direction and say thank you for following my blog. The gnomes are also grateful.

    Happy New Year!

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