Don’t You Forget About Me

I was listening to this classic by Simple Minds the other day and it got me thinking.
When I’m gone I want to be remembered. I don’t want to be famous or have strangers know me, but I want my friends and family to remember me for who I am. For being honest. For always trying to do the right thing. And for putting a smile on their faces when they are down. I want to be remembered in the most positive way possible. I have made mistakes like everybody else. And I hope they won’t be held against me. I hope I can be remembered for being the young creative one who had her own problems to deal with but always came out with a smile on her face, willing to help other people. That’s how I want people to remember me.
It’s all well and good saying how you want people to think of you, but you have to put some actions to it. If you want to be remembered as a generous person then you have to be generous. And if you want to be remembered as loving and caring then be those things too. Have good actions and people will remember this. Positive actions go so much further and although negatives can hurt and we may not be able to forget them. When someone is taken from us, when do we look at the bad things about them? Maybe at first in anger or grief, but we always end up looking at the good things. The happy moments. Give your loved ones a reason to have a happy thought.

I also came across Everlasting Memorials who offer gravestones and free consultations, and I started thinking about what I would want on my gravestone when I am not here in many years to come. I think I would want a simple but powerful quote that sums up my life as best it can.


9 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me

  1. gnoostic says:

    record your thoughts, audio is easy to store on several devices mp3, cd’s, cassette tapes…start with the stories your friends would roll their eye’s at because they’ve heard them so many times! Then at the end of the quarter, upload them to the computer, burn them to several disc and keep them in different places, and then, your kid’s kid’s kid’s can learn about great grandma, yay

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