Biggest Changes For Me In 2014

To sum up the year 2014. I was thinking about some of the biggest changes that have occurred in my life.

The first being, my change of job. I was working in retail (a fashion store) which was very hard work and stressful. I managed to escape and start a new job in January.

I passed my driving test. I finally got my licence and got that freedom I had wanted for ages. I bought a car and am loving driving.

I have improved my health, by eating better and gaining the nutrients I need. By taking care of myself I feel better in myself and happier than I did the year before.

Semi permanent make up. I had been drawing my eyebrows on for years, and finally got the courage to see a semi permanent make up specialist, who tattooed on each individual hair. This has been such a huge change for me, and I can now feel ‘normal’ and have a lot more confidence, due to the natural look I now have, rather than pencilling them on and them looking horribly fake.

A change in my hair. I had the famous ‘beehive’ look for ages which I realise now was appalling. My hair had been bright red for years, and I had dyed it dark brown, had 5 inches cut off (it was all the way down my back before) and had a side fringe cut in. This has also made me look more natural and given me more confidence.

A stronger relationship with my dad. We had both been through some tough times, and helped each other. This has given us a closer relationship.

I bought a macbook and all the equipment I need to continue with building a good graphic design portfolio. I have gained clients and done a lot of work that I am proud of.

The year has gone pretty quick, looking back, but I wouldn’t change anything ☺️


2 thoughts on “Biggest Changes For Me In 2014

  1. theblogwoman says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I enjoy your candid blogs. Your year’s end personal inventory was inspiring – sounds like you made some great moves this year. I think I will keep the momentum you have inspired and make a list of my own and maybe even some goals for 2015:)

    Liked by 1 person

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