Now Christmas Is Over

Well Christmas has come and gone. All that excitement and preparation for that one day. Well two if you count Boxing day. It’s nice to spend time with your family. Now it’s all over, I have been making room for new gifts, by clearing out my wardrobes. It’s taken the whole of today. It’s a shame when it all ends, and we have to go back to work. No more excitement. People tend to look back over the year at the things they have done. Then we start planning for New Year’s Eve. To go out, or stay in? That’s the question. Normally I go round a friends house with everyone and have drinks there. But when you’re in a relationship I think it’s best to do something as couple and spend it with each other. It all depends on what your family and friends are upto. When Christmas is over a lot of people feel down. We’ve had a good few days, and now it’s back to the real world. It’s just one of them things. We’ve had a good time and now it’s back to reality but look at the positives and the good times you are going to have ahead! ☺️


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