Loreal Nude Magique Foundation Review

My friend has been raving about this foundation for agesss. I never wear foundation unless I am going out for the night. And normally I only use a cheap one, such as MUA’s ‘Pro Base Foundation Kit’ but my friend insisted that I give Loreal’s one a try. So I did.
I bought this from Superdrug for around £10 and chose the shade ‘warm ivory’ as this suited my skin tone better.
I got home and immediately tried it. I was impressed by the appearance of the bottle, small but delicate and looked quite fancy.
I used a make up pad, and poured a little onto it.


I poured a bit too much by the looks of it!

I started by applying it on my cheeks, and I was shocked that it instantly blended in, and I couldn’t feel it at all!
I applied it to the rest of my face and I was impressed with how well and quickly it just seemed to match my skin. It was like I wasn’t wearing any! I didn’t need to go over any bits again, it was perfect first time. The most impressive thing about this foundation is that you really can’t feel it at all when it’s on.
It is incredibly light with a lovely soft smell, and it doesn’t have the heavy feeling you can get with other foundations; that reminds you that your wearing it and feels like your clogging up your pores.
This foundation really is ‘magic’ and I would recommend it, if you hate the feel of wearing foundation!
If you are thinking of changing foundations or trying out a new one then I would definitely recommend this!



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