13 Most Satisfying Feelings

We all have our own, most satisfying feelings. Most of them are the little things in life that aren’t a big deal at all, but at the time make you feel amazing. It’s the minor things that keep us going and give us something to smile about for a brief moment. It is these things that we all have different opinions on, although I’m sure we can relate to each others.

Here are my top 10:

1. Getting into bed after a long day, or night out

2. When you finally make it to the toilet after holding it for what feels like forever

3. Laying in bed listening to the rain outside your window

4. Putting on clothes straight off the radiator

5. Fresh bed sheets

6. The exhausting feeling after a work out

7. Finally finishing a job that has taken hours to do

8. Waking up realising you have more time to sleep

9. Singing a song and getting every word right and in time

10. Getting indoors after being out in the cold

11. When you see your food coming at a restaurant

12. Slamming a door after an argument

13. Popping bubble wrap when stressed

Ahh the amazing feeling you get!

What are yours?


17 thoughts on “13 Most Satisfying Feelings

  1. toconut says:

    Oh my god i hate that your just sitting there starving and you see your food and there walking right towards you and then they say”Here’s your food” to the person behind you and your sitting there thinking “Crap, *sigh* should have just went to Burger King”

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