Changing Our Body.. Why Do We Do It?

All I see over the news these days, is how a celebrity has got another boob job, nose job, botox, cheek fillers, lip fillers, the list goes on..
I understand if we have an issue with out body. Believe me I get it. I am not happy with many features of mine, but I have learnt to accept them.
I don’t understand why celebrities have endless and painful procedures! If you are really not happy with your a certain feature then I can understand a nose job or boob job. I get it. It makes you feel more comfortable in your body, and if it gives you that confidence then why not?
But celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, seem to be constantly going under the knife! They are famous as it is so why do they need more attention?
Surely they can’t be that unhappy with their body after the first several procedures.
It’s like they become addicted to changing everything they can about their appearance and why?
I could never dream of it.

I saw this video earlier today and it is sadly too true..
Changing our body

You are beautiful the way you are, learn to love yourself! ☺️


6 thoughts on “Changing Our Body.. Why Do We Do It?

  1. kinginascendent says:

    Body dysmorphia is part of our culture, we’re constantly exposed to images of photoshopped celebrities that possess bodies and features rendered flawless through digital media. The truth is, the moment you accept who you are, that you will age and then die, that the flaws are part of what makes you human and therefore beautiful aren’t to be erased. I use the metaphor of trees because no one has ever called a tree ugly or fat, that it’s branches are too short or too long. No, trees just are, as people are.

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  2. Matthias says:

    I would say that it is the same addiction that people experience with tattoo addiction. I have heard so many people say they are addicted to getting tattoos. Their bodies are covered in tattoos. They also do it with piercing, both of which are altering the look of the body. Maybe it’s the poor person’s why of altering their body giving them some sort of pleasure in doing so just as those who are wealthy and able to do major alterations on their body do.


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