Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So we have all heard this saying. Laughter can help you feel much better even if you are just pretending to laugh.
I have been thinking about times which I have never laughed harder and here is what I remembered:

Back at school, during an assembly. The head teacher was walking up the stairs to the stage, and tripped, falling literally flat on her face. Before I could even look around to see the reaction of other students and teachers, I collapsed with laughter. Tears rolling down my cheeks, sides hurting..
I really couldn’t stop myself.
I looked around the hall to find everyone else staring at me in shock, and sitting in silence, to scared to make a sound.
The head teacher glared at me, and was getting redder and redder with rage.
The next thing I know, I am being dragged out the hall by the deputy.
All that followed was a severe shouting (so severe that spit was flying from the deputy’s mouth, to all over my face) to which I just stood there until they had finished ranting. And then when they asked if I had anything to say for myself. I just looked them in the eye, and wiped the spit from my face, saying ‘yes actually, next time you feel the need to raise your voice like that, please let me know and I will put my brolly up in future’
Well that was it.
I had a months worth of detention, but it was worth it.
I had never felt so much pain from laughing so hard!

What are your funniest stories?



10 thoughts on “Laughter Is The Best Medicine

  1. atruebornwriter says:

    Oh goodness, my friend and I had detention and he poked me and I some how fell backwards gracefully and he said he saw a model do it. I whacked my head on the counter and started dying with laughter. One of those silent laughs where your body constantly shakes and there is a little escape of a squeak here and there. Everyone was so surprised when they came in from recess, even the teacher was in shocked. All I heard was “she can laugh!”. I had never laughed like that in a long time before that.

    The same day, the same friend and I were helping to move chairs for parent teacher interviews, and he didn’t see the chair and fell over it. The way he fell got me cracking up again and I fell on the floor dying of laughter. And the teacher was like you’re having a little too much fun!

    There was this one other time, except this time was in high school. I used to fall asleep in math class every single day. And there was just this one day I was incredibly hyper and was laughing in class the entire time. The teacher was like what is wrong with you, first you come to class everyday to sleep, and now here you are laughing the entire class period. And he was laughing at my laugh and he said I should become a clown the cheer up sick kids.

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  2. jasminebythebay says:

    When we had a school trip to South Korea, my mate and I sneaked out from the group and had a little adventure around Seoul. We bumped into a group of American girls about our age and they were asking us for the directions like my mate and I were locals. He told them that we don’t know the place they were looking for but we know how to speak Korean and he tried to help them. I tried to contain my laughter so as not to blow our cover. He spoke in “korean” with one of the locals and i also helped him by talking in my best korean accent impersonation. I still have fits of laughter every time I think about it. We probably have done some really good acting because the girls have thanked us but they have surely gotten lost as we might have lead them to the wrong direction. hehe

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