Moths Confuse Me

Yesterday at work, I was sitting in my open office and I ended up daydreaming and found myself watching a moth fly around and around.
The whole ceiling is covered in lights and the moth kept flying up to the light and then immediately dropping to the floor as if it had passed out from the heat. When it had recovered it would fly up to the light again, and fall straight to the floor. This happened at least 30 times before the last time, when it dropped to the floor, it never came back up.
It was dead. And stuck to the floor.
I must have been bored because it really fascinated me.
Why do moths do that if they know it’s killing them?

There is actually no explanation to this, but of course there are many theories..


10 thoughts on “Moths Confuse Me

  1. agadudes says:

    Jose Rizal, the filipino hero, was taught by her mother as a child and the story of the moth was his first lesson. The moth blindly dives into the light of the lamp, the closer it gets, the faster it catches fire, eventually burning in the end. The lesson: Things we believe blindy are often the things that hurt us the most.
    Not really related to your post, but maybe your fascination stems from the fact that we share some things with the moth, a destructive relationship or an unfulfilling career, despite hurting us, we still continue to pursue it.

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  2. Seb says:

    I don’t get why they happily fly into lights, flames, exterminator grilly things of death etc, yet you don’t see a ridiculous swarm of them fly towards the sun.


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