A Red Nose & Rosy Cheeks

I am one of them miserable people who is always cold.
Even in the summer I am covered up, unless it’s unbearably hot.
In the winter I get called Rudolf as my nose is always bright red from the cold, and my cheeks are always rosy.
It’s such a common thing, I know.
I drink hot drink after hot drink to warm me up, and wear as many layers possible if I’m going out. Last year I bought a snood from Gap, and it is the best winter purchase I think I have made. It is grey and thick, with a black fur lining.
Ahh it is so snuggly!
I also have black gloves, and a thick coat with a fleece lining. Oh and many pairs of thick tights with a fleece lining, and hundreds of pairs of fluffy socks.

These are only some of my winter essentials. I will have to make another post with the rest of my winter essentials included.

Even if I put make up on before I go out, I will still end up with bright red cheeks, and a little red nose; and there is no getting rid of it.
My boyfriend thinks it’s cute, but I on the other hand, would rather not look like a reindeer.


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