Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade Review

Every now and then at work, if I’m too lazy to bring in lunch from home, I’ll pop down to the co op and get a meal deal.
(Sandwich, drink and snack for £3, not bad aye!)

Normally for the drink I’ll get a pink lemonade Lucozade or a coke, but I recently only wanted a small can of something so I thought I would give raspberry lemonade a try.
To be honest, it was the design of the can that stood out to me.
The can is pink, and is covered in fancy lettering, and two cartoon images of raspberries. This is really different to your average coke or 7up can, and the design alone grabbed my attention.
I picked it up and read that it was raspberry lemonade, which I have never had before. I rarely ever drink lemonade at all, but thought I would give it a try.
I was quite surprised at how much I liked it.
It’s raspberry flavour, is sweet and refreshing, and the good thing about this drink is that it is not too fizzy.

Overall I would rate this a 7/10. This product can be found in your local co-op. And is worth a try!




2 thoughts on “Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade Review

  1. Jonathan says:

    I became addicted to vanilla and honey drinks when I worked in London – they sound revolting, but if you try them they are the best drinks in the known universe 🙂


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