Poundland Make Up Review

I always pop into Poundland now and then to get some bargains!
But I had never thought of trying out their make up.
I came across their selection at the weekend, and was surprised at what a range they had. I thought why not give it a go!
I picked up several nail varnishes, lipstick, concealer and a powder.

I was really impressed with the nail varnishes, as they had such a nice selection of colours, all professional looking; and they lasted quite a while, with no chipping!
This is the colour I am currently wearing which is a deep purple.IMG_7577.JPG

I also picked up a turquoisey colour

I also picked up a concealer, which although seems light, it blends in really well, and matches my skin colour.




I needed a new light powder so I picked up this one. I am really impressed with it, and it gives an even and smooth coverage.


The lipstick I picked up, is a light pink, and is glittery which gives a really nice and girly effect.



As you can see, the casing of these products, look well designed and professional and you wouldn’t believe these can be found in a pound shop!
I would definitely recommend these products, for a £1 you can’t get any better!


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