H&M Review

On average I’d say I spend between £40-90 a month on clothing from H&M.

Their products are always in style, up to date with the fashion trends, and really quite a reasonable price.

I buy an awful lot of dresses from them, starting at just £7.99 they really are suitable for every day wear and evening wear. With their many accessories and shoes to choose from, you can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.

Here are some of my recent purchases:

This simple denim look dress, can be worn as an every day dress, or you could add a chunky necklace, and some bangles to it, to wear in the evening.


This coral dress is perfect for the summer! Wear it with a pair of sandals, or block heels for the evening. Adding some simple jewellery to this outfit would make it stand out just that little bit more.


I recently came across this lightweight, thin cardigan, and a matching skirt, which I love the colour of! These look great with a plain white top, and a chunky necklace to give it a classy look.


This dress has been worn quite a lot lately. It is perfect for the winter, as it is long sleeved, and the material is thick. I wear this with thick black tights, chunky black heels, and normally a gold chunky necklace to spice it up a bit!


H&M is always my first place to go, to look for new dresses and every day clothing. With their reasonable prices and their wonderful range, who can go wrong?


12 thoughts on “H&M Review

  1. tacokitten says:

    Lovely haul! I love H&M too and was really happy when they finally came to Malaysia. The price is relatively cheap and the material is good. It comes to a point that my wardrobe has almost been completely converted. 😛


  2. emiliamueller says:

    H&M is one of my favorites. I just bought a T-shirt and a dress from them this weekend. 🙂 I don’t have it where I live now but each time I am out of town , that’s my store …and Forever21! 🙂


  3. Berta Karaim says:

    I love H&M too! Their first store in Australia opened only earlier this year, and I was so, so happy when it did because, as you said, it’s an amazing store in terms of quality + price 🙂


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