The Gameboy Colour

Who remembers the Nintendo Gameboy colour?
When I was a child I had a turquoise one and oh how I loved it.
This device saved me from many hours of boredom, but also made me a social recluse. Sitting up in my bedroom playing on this device, is how I spent my time.
I had so many games including Super Mario (of course) and Donkey Kong.
Until one tragic day, I went to visit my grandad when I was aged 10; and as I came out I started swinging my gameboy bag about, and all of the cartridges fell on the floor and actually went down a drain that just happened to be right there.
My gameboy also fell out of the bag, smashing on the floor.
It remember crying my eyes out and my parents being furious with me.
It was then unusable, and I had to then read after that to keep me entertained; as I had no other electronic game or device at that time.

The Gameboy colour came out in 1998, (when I was only 4) and I must have had it at least 3 years.
Ah I miss it.
It just reminds me how lucky I felt as a child to have something like this, which is different to books and board games.
If I look back at life then, to life as it is now, the difference is unbelievable. Nowadays kids have phones from very young (ridiculous) ages, and every toy or game they have seems to be electronic. It is all just taken for granted! If you try to give a child a book to read in this day and age, I guarantee with most, it will be dismissed, as t is abnormal to them.

Oh how times have changed.


9 thoughts on “The Gameboy Colour

  1. agadudes says:

    Gadgets were rare back then. When I was a kid, I walked around 5km just to get to my friends house for an hour on his Playstation. Half the time I wasn’t even playing since we swapped the one and only controller he had. So getting my Gameboy Color was so awesome, only had it for a year because the neighborhood kids stole it.

    So yeah, things like these were a privileged back then. So my entertainment was solving mysteries with the Hardy Boys or avoiding monsters in Goosebumps. Kids these days can’t appreciate the magic of their imagination anymore because of how accessible gadgets are today.


  2. Jonathan says:

    We have set the rule in stone with our kids – they don’t get a phone until they move up to high school (or our equivalent of it). I think the first major video game thing we had was an Atari 2600 when my brother was young – I was never really interested in games back then though… funny how things change 🙂


  3. Berta Karaim says:

    I know that feeling! I lived in a small country in Central Europe for most of my childhood, so there was even less technology than in Australia, the U.S., etc. Looking now at my younger sisters who have lived for most of their lives in Australia, I realise how different our childhoods were/are… 🙂


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