Chocolate Rehab

We all call ourselves chocoholics..
But I really am quite extreme.
My obsession with chocolate has gone above and beyond, and now I am reliant upon it.
Every morning I will have a mug of hot chocolate and some chocolate biscuits, after lunch I normally have a chocolate bar.
At work will have 2 or 3 hot chocolates.
Before dinner I will normally have a packet of chocolate buttons or something similar.
And then after dinner I will have a chocolate dessert, be it cake or a yoghurt.
And then before bed I will have another hot chocolate.

If I don’t have something chocolatey throughout the day then I genuinely feel faint. Nothing else sugary seems to help; it has to be chocolate.
I am absolutely obsessed.
I buy boxes of chocolate for people, for their birthdays or Christmas, and I eat the lot..
Just me knowing it’s sitting there, untouched is too much.
I will scoff the lot and then have to go out and get the same thing again literally minutes before giving it to be person.
This has happened on so many occasions..

My friends birthday was earlier this year, and for part of her present I bought her a large box of Lindt chocolate. I wasn’t seeing her for a week, and every day that went past I was thinking about this box of amazing chocolate just sitting there..
I couldn’t help myself.
The day after I bought it, I actually became insane..
I thought to myself, well if the box is damaged, I can’t give it to her..
So I damaged the box..
Oh god help me..
I then scoffed the lot that night.
I didn’t feel guilty at all.
The day I was meeting her, I then had to go out and buy another box.
I am uncontrollable, but I just couldn’t help myself.
I genuinely think I need some sort of rehab, to help me get off of chocolate..


13 thoughts on “Chocolate Rehab

  1. xoxolovedee says:

    Mmm I just baked the chocolateyist brownies this past weekend, for my kids. Guess who ate the entire tray in the night? 😳 I have a problem. Is there a support group for people like us?


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