The Efforts Of Maintaining A Fringe

I always had a fringe when I was a child.
I grew it out when when I was 11ish.
I then always had long hair, and maybe layers cut in now and again..
A month ago, I decided to get a fringe cut in again only a side fringe though, not a full one.
I decided this because, I feel having flat hair doesn’t suit me so I tend to backcomb it slightly, brush it back and spray it.
Doing this would be fine, if it didn’t make my forehead look so big, and my eyes look huge!
So I thought why not get a fringe that I can push to the side, then I will be able to have a parting and not worry about my hair being flat..
Best decision I have made within the last two months!
I love it, and am finally really happy with my hair ☺️

Of course then come the troubles of maintaining it..
I normally wash my hair every two or three days (It doesn’t get greasy quickly) but since having a fringe, I have found that I am constantly fiddling with it, and brushing it, so my fringe needs to be washed almost daily!
My hair grows so fast, so I will be getting it trimmed a lot more often than I would normally get my hair cut.
Also as mentioned it requires a lot more washing.
Another really annoying point for me is that I like to let my hair dry naturally most nights.
Leaving it in a bun so it’s curly for the morning. That was my routine.
Now I have a fringe, no way can that happen.
If I leave my fringe to dry naturally I will end up with curtains! The hair will part and not stick together, and it will just look appalling and be impossible to control.
So now I have to dry my hair immediately after leaving the shower, and style my fringe the right way,
And I find myself looking in the mirror more often to make sure there are no gaps in my fringe, and it looks okay..

Ahh the joys of maintaining your appearance!


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