Decorating The Christmas Tree

I don’t know how I feel about decorating a Christmas tree..
I look forward it it for a short while, and then when it comes to bringing it down from the loft (I have an artificial one) or buying a real tree, it just seems like such a hassle..
I can never carry it down by myself so I have to get my other half to pass it down to me, while I’m halfway up the ladder, terrified of falling off and dropping it..
Then comes putting it all together.
It’s like a massive jigsaw puzzle, each branch has a small band of colour going around it, so I put all the colours together, and then put the stand up, and start slotting the branches in..
It takes forever..
Then for the decorations..
You start off, colour co ordinating and arranging them all perfectly; then by the end you give up, and just start shoving them on anywhere..
It’s never a five minute job to decorate the tree, it can take hours sometimes..

I had the honour of decorating my works Christmas tree this year, and boy did that take a while!


We have several random trees around the workplace, and I didn’t want to leave them out, so I tried jazzing them up a bit, by putting the left over tinsel on them.
It didn’t work out too well..



It just looks like they are wearing a scarf.. Oops!


4 thoughts on “Decorating The Christmas Tree

  1. marcus says:

    great how you included the other living life. nothing better than everyone dressing up. really, whats a party if only one shows up ready 😉


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