A Timeline Of My Hair Change

Every girl changes their hair colour at some point in their life..
My hair was naturally a dark brown.
I was born with a mop of jet black hair, but it eventually lightened gradually as I got older.
I first changed my hair colour when I was 11, by using a cheap wash in wash out, mahogany colour dye.
It actually took serval weeks for the dye to leave my hair..
Then in year 8 when I was 13. I convinced my mum to let me get highlights. At this time my hair was long and brown and I used to have the ‘beehive look’ this involved me back combing my hair until it was sitting on top of my head like a nest..
I obviously thought it looked good at the time..
I went to a hairdressers and I got blonde highlights..


I have had to lighten the photo, so you can see the colour..
I then got copper colour highlights added, a year later, and also some caramel..



I don’t think I have ever waited for my hair colour to grow out naturally, due to the visibility of the roots coming through.
I have always just dyed over what’s there..

I then dyed my hair black, and had layers cut in. I really liked this look, but found that the darkness made me look quite pale, so I would always have to wear a touch of make up.


When the black had faded, I then stripped my hair of its colour using Superdrugs ‘B4 hair colour remover, extra strength’
It turned my hair a dirty copper colour which looked awful on me..
You are meant to wait 48 hours before colouring your hair again, but I couldn’t wait that long..
So I dyed it a purpley/red from the Live Colout XXL range.


I kept up with the red hair until I was 19.
I didn’t stick with the same colour, I varies from red to purple, all from the Live XXL range..



It wasn’t until a few months ago that I decided to get rid of the red, and go back to dark brown!
I stripped my hair again and just bought a couple of boxes of dark brown hair dye.
(I need two, because my hair is so long)
When I had dyed my hair brown, it came out really dark at first, but gradually faded to a lighter shade.
I then got 4 inches cut off, and had a side fringe cut in.
You can still see the red showing slightly in my hair; as I kept dying it that colour for so long, it is impossible to get it out completely!
There will always be a trace of it.



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