Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

When something technical is not working, this is the most common first question that people ask.

I once set up a printer for someone at work, and since then if anything goes wrong with anyone’s computer, or they need to install something, then they call me.

I am far from an IT whizz..

Sit me behind a computer, and ask me to write an article, or design a piece of art then I’m your girl..

But sit me in front of it with a set of instructions, or ask me to fix it, then I haven’t the foggiest..

People just don’t seem to get that..

They think that because I am good at designing things on computers, and am involved with social networking; that I know everything there is to know about the computer itself, and can fix it if needs be.
I’m sorry but that’s simply not true.
It’s mainly the older generation that seem to think this, as they barely understand computers bless them.
My nan just doesn’t get it at all.
Every time she sees me use my laptop, she just watches in disbelief, and says she doesn’t know how I can type so fast.
But for my generation it is something I have always grown up with.
I remember our first computer..
If we wanted to use the internet, we had to unplug the phone cable, letting everyone else in the house know first of course, incase they needed to make a call, or was expecting one.. and then plug in the ridiculously long wire which came from the computer.
I remember it always took about 15-20 minutes to connect to the internet; and it would make the most awful screechiest sound.
My parents would moan at me to get off of the computer, as they needed to use the phone, so it was never enjoyable, and I was always timed..

In this generation everything is much more advanced.
Everything is wireless now!
I can send documents wirelessly from my laptop to my printer, from a completely different room and with no wires at all!
It’s mad..

My phone keeps freezing..
Ahh I’ll just try turning it off and then on again, I say to myself.
And the amazing thing is 9 times out of 10 it actually works!

My computer at work is always playing up god dammit.. ‘Why do you never work?’ I scream at it.
I always end up calling the IT technician down, as I can never fix it, no amount of turning it off and on again will fix that bloody machine..
But half the time them few silly little words actually do work..


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