25 Things That Happen On A Girls Night Out

So you arrange a night out with the girls..
After deciding where to go, come the long and never ending steps of getting ready..

1. You all pitch in for some pre drinking material..
A bottle of Malibu, or some other alcohol goes down a treat whilst you dig through your wardrobe.

2. You whack on the radio, or a CD and blast out that dance music that gets you in the party mood.
Singing awfully of course.

3. You choose an outfit to wear and say you are going to stick with it.
Your friends agree and tell you how great you look, but that’s not enough.
You pull out every item of clothing that you own that would be suitable to wear; and of course all your heels get pulled out with it.
You change numerous times..
It’s too short..
Oh I’ve worn this recently..
I want to wear these heels, but this dress doesn’t go with it..
Grr I have no accessories to go with this outfit..

4. You feel the effects of all the pre drinking too soon, and are tipsy before you’ve even left the house.

5. You grab your make up bag, and lay everything out on the bed.
Foundation, blusher..
Now to get started on the eyes!
What eyeshadow do I go for?
Fake lashes or not?

6. Now for the hair..
Grrrr why is my hair not going right?!
I hate being a girl..
Straight or curly?
Ahh quick girls help me..
The hairspray can is running out, quick give me yours!

7. You call the cab, and they give you a rough time that they will be with you.
You scramble around to get everything ready.

8. You take hundreds of ‘selfies’ with your friends.
‘Put that on Facebook’
‘Ewww no delete that one, I look ugly! take another one’..

9. You drench yourself in perfume, too much is not enough! You try and cram it in your bag, and can just about make it fit..

10. You shove everything you possibly can in your tiny bag – mini brush, mini hairspray, the make up essentials, ID, money, house keys.. Ahh what else do I need?

11. The cab is here.. Ooh quick! one last fix of hairspray.
Check yourself in the mirror another ten times..
Right got everything?

12. You all head out to the cab, and get in. Worrying about what you have forgotten and if you look okay.

13. You get to your destination, and all try to split the fare evenly, but no one ever has any change, so someone ends up paying for the majority of it..

14. You get to the bar or club..
You look at the other girls..
She’s pretty.
Ooh she’s waaay to overdressed!

15. You try to avoid eye contact with every guy there..
‘Hey, can I buy one of you lovely ladies a drink?’
Nope sorry, we’re all taken..

16. You start off the evening really hyper! Shots, shots, shots! You’ve already been drinking since 7, and let’s be honest, your a lightweight..

17. You all huddle together, until your brave enough to get on the dance floor! ‘I love this song, wooo!’

18. Toilet time, ahh don’t break the seal.. Don’t do it. Ahh I can’t hold it anymore, you all go together, because well.. we think it’s a big event, and are all scared we won’t find each other again.
More selfies in the mirror! With the glorious background of the hand dryer, and of course.. Toilets. Classy..

19. You are constantly topping up your make up throughout the night, and taking photos of yourself..

20. You party for what feels like agesss but keep drinking to get you through..

21. Finally you and the girls admit defeat.
‘let’s call a cab, I need my bed’..
Oh the pain your poor feet are in..
You can’t wait to sit down.

22. You call a cab, and try to find somewhere to sit whilst you are waiting. The shoes come off.. Ahh relief.. With the height of them it’s a surprise you kept going for so long!

23. The cab arrives, you all jump in.
God, how I have spent so much money? Oh no, I feel sick..

24. You get dropped off one by one. In drunken slurs you promise to see each other as soon as possible. And ask the ones left in the cab, to text you when their home safely.

25. Your home.
Ahhh bed..
If you are sober enough, you jump straight into your cosy pj’s and fluffy socks; and scrub your make up off.
You get in your bed and look through all the photos..
You have never felt more cosy in your life..

A girls night out is definitely always an experience!!






4 thoughts on “25 Things That Happen On A Girls Night Out

  1. brodyruach says:

    You lot definitely look like trouble! Poor girl’s. The bloke version is basically, sniffs underwear. Seems ok. Ten minutes before taxi arrives: pull on jeans and first top you come to. Leave in tazi. Get mortal. Try and pull. Fail. Try and pull. Score! Go home
    Rinse and repeat!!


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