Aftershave Makes You More Attractive

I think it’s amazing how a mans scent can make him seem more attractive.
You could be on a date with a guy, and they could be pretty average, but if they smell amazing, then automatically you are more attracted to them.

Of course, I am in a long term relationship, so can only relate to when I am out with my partner, and he wears aftershave that I love, and I feel more soppy than usual and want to be closer to him because he smells amazing!

And the advertising says it all..
Look at the adverts with all the sexy men, promoting a product.
Why do these men look so irresistible?
Of course us women are going to find them attractive..
And the products fly off the shelf!
The better the advertising the more guys will buy it!
I know guys who literally drench themselves in aftershave, and it makes them stand out so much more.

I recently smelled a sample of ‘Diesel Only The Brave’ and could not stop sniffing it!
It was so addictive!
I bought it for my other half, as I loved it so much.
And now he’ll be wearing that addictive smell, I’ll be all over him..

I really think it makes soooo much difference if a man is wearing a good aftershave, and can change your view of them.


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