A Terry’s Chocolate Orange For Breakfast

I’ve been such a greedy guts today..

I woke up waaaay past morning, due to having a bit of a late night last night, and was craving chocolate like crazy. I remembered that I had a chocolate orange in my bag, and that immediately got me out of bed!

Well I ashamed to say I ate the whole thing before even bothering to get up and get ready.

boy, do I feel sick now..

As much as I enjoyed it, I think it’s safe to say that it put me off having lunch..

Before I started changing my diet, I used to have a chocolate bar or two every morning for breakfast; and then another one throughout the day.

I am not kidding..

I am just addicted to chocolate.

I’m not the only one thought right?


4 thoughts on “A Terry’s Chocolate Orange For Breakfast

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    ASDGHDJELWLSKS I love Terry’s chocolate orange too. Last night I had some slices at something past 11 🙂
    And btw I am in love with your blog: you’re so fabulous ❤


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